Xbox One X could help Microsoft retake the lead

AllGamers has spent a good amount of time with the Xbox One X, and feels like the graphical edge will become significant over time as 4K becomes more widespread.

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chrisx1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

No it can't. We all know without top quality exclusives the xbone& bone x isn't capable of taking any leads this gen. Let's be real.

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joab7771407d ago

Ya need games. It’s simple. It’s a great machine, but why drop $500 on something I can play all the software elsewhere.

Rude-ro1407d ago

Actually, that is just called an option of where to play.
The fact that everything else proves Microsoft is not a gaming company is what should raise concern with investing in a $500 console with only two years left on this gen.

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jasonpugh1406d ago

Simple, because not everyone can, duh!

hulk_bash19871407d ago

I'll say this time and time again. These mid-gen upgraded systems are not gonna outsell the standard consoles (PS4 Slim and Xbox One S). Because a lot of casual gamers / parents will not drop the $400 - $500 on them. The Switch will sell well because it's in a different category and has a unique selling point.

Mr-Dude1407d ago

Switch has the software.. Most people I know who have a switch don't care about "on the go", but love their games.

NotoriousWhiz1406d ago

@Mr-Dude, there was an article earlier that stated that only 20% of Nintendo switch owners play with the Switch docked at least 80% of the time. You may not be interested in handheld or tabletop mode now but you may be quickly realize how convenient it is. And if not, well you'll be in the 20%.

hulk_bash19871407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Just being a realist. I own a Pro because I wanted games to look as good on my platform of choice as they can be. Just like anyone planning on buying a One X. But, you shouldn't kid yourself into thinking that casual gamers are gonna drop that kind of money on a console. Maybe after price drops but not at full price.

trooper_1407d ago

Delusnions will be delusions.

trooper_1407d ago

Easily one of the dumbest articles by far. Microsoft can't retake a lead it never had in the first place.

Zeref1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

It won't take the lead but it definitely improves the Xbox's image dramatically. That will also help with sales.

It still has a chance to catch up or come close. This gen won't be over for another 3 years. The only thing PS4 has on the Xbox One is first party games. Xbox has better services like EA Access and Game Pass, PS Now is a joke compared to those, its almost a scam really. Better online infrastructure, Player created tournaments, Xbox play anywhere, cross play with Switch, Backwards compatibility, built-in streaming, cloud storage for save files, 4K UHD which will become an even bigger selling point by next year when the majority of people have adopted 4K. PUBG will also help sell systems.

Chevalier1407d ago

PS4 had crossplay first with games like FF XIV and has play anywhere between PS3, PS4 and Vita for awhile. Those services don't change the fact that PS4 has significantly more games to play. Its a GAME system, so Xbox has their priorities wrong when that is the last thing they are concentrating on. Other than 4k gaming all those features have been around for while now and NOTHING has changed. Why would those features tip the scale now?! Xbox has won what 2-3 months in 4 YEARS of sales. Let that sink in.

badz1491406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )


"Xbox has won what 2-3 months in 4 YEARS of sales"

if we're talking worldwide, NO, the xbone never won a month this gen. any deficit the PS4 had monthly in NA is easily overturned by sales from other countries by several folds. the PS4 is over 30mil units ahead for a reason

DarXyde1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Xbox One does have good exclusives though (the ones that weren't cancelled anyway--yes, Scalebound is still a sore spot for me).

It had a couple of disappointing ones, sure, but I really enjoyed Ori, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza Horizon 2. Let's not say Xbox One doesn't have great exclusives. It does. For me (and maybe many others), it just doesn't have them in spades like PS4 does. But to be fair, Sony is just godly when it comes to that kind of thing. E3 was mediocre, but PGW was something else.

For the record though, I agree. Xbox One X is not going to help Microsoft retake the lead (they never had it) UNLESS One X stands in as their device for a while and skips the next generation where they'll be competing with PS5 and Sony just stops selling PS4. Microsoft seems to be the first to have moved onto subscription numbers as opposed to hardware sales, so it's certainly possible. What we don't know is what Sony's plans are.

BeOpenMinded1407d ago

PlayStation has a handful of great titles. So does xbox. That's real for me at least

ruefrak1406d ago

Absolutely. It would take two things to get them into the lead again, things which may never happen again and which luckily for Sony both did in 2013. The first is that MS has to release a truly new generation of hardware. The second is that Sony also has to release a new generation of hardware at the same time. Only by resetting both platforms to zero is there a chance MS can catch up.

People like to point out that PS3 eventually caught up to XB360, but that's because Sony has the global market tied down. Xbox does not. Even with XB1X there is no way that can even catch up let alone take the lead.

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Veneno1407d ago


Rude-ro1407d ago

That will definitely be the media’s cry for the next year. Yay! 2005 all over again.

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S2Killinit1407d ago

I think he is being sarcastic. Haha

SilverDemon1407d ago

Doomed to have amazing Exclusives and being number one this gen

What a terrible curse /s

SickSinceSix1407d ago

What's doomed is my wallet, with all these upcoming Sony exclusives.

Enjoigamin1407d ago

Only 450 billion dollars behind Microsoft....but they can do it

SickSinceSix1407d ago

450 billion more dollars, yet they're still struggling to make Xbox exclusives. Sad!

russo1211406d ago

By your optics, XOX is better because ms is wealthy, what?!?!
You have a serious problem when you look at someone richer than you. I think there are some kind of treatment for your case.

Masta Kaos1406d ago

LMAO!! WOW you believe that...?? Let's see who sells more during the Holidays

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ziggurcat1407d ago

they will gain ground, probably, but they are too far behind to take the lead.

Rude-ro1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

This far into the gen, it is not about units sold on an existing gen.. it’s about install growth. Since they are down 12 million vs 2010...
they will only hide behind pr spins. They are so far down from their own numbers, there is nothing to compare to Sony’s numbers

UCForce1407d ago

MS won't reveal their hardware sales. That because MS afraid being humiliated.

OB1Biker1406d ago

Hey you remember the spin about xb1s 'best selling console' adverts last year?
You ll see the same spin even if they sell more just on launch. It will be all over the news if they do a few good months.

LP-Eleven1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

They won't even gain ground. Look very closely at how the math works,. They'd have to outsell the PS4, worldwide, for months, and months, on end. Gaining ground means just that, not outselling the PS4, in just a few territories, during a packed holiday season only.

Retroman1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Notice media "Only" announce X1X sales during Christmas holidays, or Black Friday sales. rest of the year is dried, nothing is heard unless MS pay n4g editor to promote lies. ..... When, what year was Xbox in the Lead??? they still using that classic lie to promote sales.

TKCMuzzer1407d ago

How will it gain ground, are people like you ignorant to the fact it would have to outsell the OG PS4 not just the Pro for it to gain ground........I'l spell it out for you, NONE of the mid gen upgraded consoles will outsell the OG PS4 on a month to month basis. The OG PS4 is better value for money at a more affordable price and has a larger games collection of games, its simple maths, causal console buyers go for value for money not resolution count.

TheVetOfGaming1407d ago

It's mostly Xbox owners who will upgrade. Probably like the Pro, but it won't get anywhere near Playstation sales, or exclusives.

Bobafret1406d ago

Wow, even gaining ground is unacceptable now? Sony fans are high on their own group think dopamine rush.

andrewsquall1406d ago

How much LOST ground was their on Xbone sales the last 9 months with the looming X too? Its just common sense when you take the time to think about it for 2 seconds.

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leeeroythe3rd1407d ago

Crazy talk... New exclusive ip plus hardware may help but Europe and Asia are too far in Sony camp to be taken this gen