Five Nintendo Games That Deserve Legit Sequels

"Nintendo is sitting on a whole heap of famous IP that hasn’t gotten much attention lately. Unfortunately, that’s how business works. Even though we’ll probably never see sequels to games such as Golden Sun or The Wonderful 101, It’s ok to dream every now and then. Here are five Nintendo games that I believe deserve sequels." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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BlackIceJoe365d ago

I'm sad to see no StarTropics. That is one game that needs a sequel.

Sono421364d ago

Luigi's Mansion, Kirby Air Ride, Pokemon Collosseum/XD, and Paper Mario TTYD.

DJK1NG_Gaming365d ago

Wanna know why Fusion didn't get the attention it deserved.
Simple. The Metroid Prime fanboys
Super Mario Sunshine sequel is Galaxy.
Whether you agree with it or not doesn't matter.
F-Zero GX nah. Nintendo just need to remake it in 1080p 60fps with Online.
It already the one of the best game during the 6th generation and the most technical one that was 480p 60fps back then.

Tatanga365d ago

For me : F-zero, mario football, starfox (huge potential), Battalion Wars.