The Xbox One X Is A Tough Sell

Kotaku : The Xbox One X does exactly what it’s meant to do, but who is it for? Is it worth buying the most powerful game console ever? Let’s discuss on today’s Kotaku Splitscreen.

ZehnDrachen2143d ago

Considering one needs to also buy a bigger HDD for all of the 4k textures. One will be spending $600+ after taxes just to play the same games.

LastCenturyRob2142d ago

that's the case for any console. None of them come with a hard drive big enough for most gamers.

Prince_TFK2142d ago

You are right. And to think people here bitch and moan about the Switch needing additional SD card.

TFJWM2142d ago

I hate to delete games but yes the HDs are big enough having 150g games in a 1TB drive hurts thou. Even so unless you are playing 8 different games at once you should be fine unless you have caps on downloads.

G20WLY2142d ago

Have you seen the patch sizes for old games on Xbox One X? Quantum Break was already 138Gb with standard assets!

This is why it's MORE of an issue on the X, it's not about unfairly singling it out. It's certainly highlighted an issue that was already there.

cbuc11252142d ago

But they don't all cost $500 baseline. That was his point.

badz1492142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )


are you seriously defending a 32GB storage? games are getting bigger and 1TB won't be enough for PS4 and Xbone and you are here defending Nintendo for a meager 32GB? seriously?

you can find a 2TB external HDD for cheaper than a 256GB microSD. so what's your point?

BigWan782142d ago

G20WLY ...

How do u expect things to be when PS5 & Xbox Next come about?

Games files arent going to shrink goin forward u know..

G20WLY2141d ago

^we're talking 2 or more years away. I expect memory to be cheaper and for next gen consoles therefore to have bigger HDDs built in.

That seems reasonable to me?

LastCenturyRob2141d ago

Some of you are arguing resolution only...I think quite a few of you forget that even though the PS4 had better resolution than the X1 on most games when first released more than a few of those same games had better frame rates or less frame rate issues on the X1. The differences between the X and the Pro are NOT just resolution. The differences are across the board and still very noticeable on 4k tv's. I can't see why some of you are trying to deflect that. The Pro is a very good system but with all the good Sony did with its base model it dropped the ball a bit with the Pro. MS did the exact opposite with the X. It hit a home run with the console. Also resolution has never been a big concern with me. I personally think checkerbarding looks great but lets face facts, we live in a time were superior numbers or tech stats reign supreme. The X will now win that "argument" every time for consoles the next three years at least. For me I am much happier to see higher res textures, better lighting and frame rates...The higher res is just a bonus.

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blackblades2141d ago

A good 4k tv, console, hdd, games plus taxs unless military.

maybelovehate2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Let's look at the latest releases of games on Xbox and Playstation.. Forza 7, GT Sport, Assassins Creed Origins, Shadow of War, Sonic Forces, COD, Wolfenstien.. Xbox One clearly wins the game argument here. Forza is better than GT and Xbox One X offers a better gaming experience on all the third party games.

And once you add in the UHD BluRay to round out the entertainment experience it isn't really even close.

KickSpinFilter2143d ago

Wow cute how you left out all the PS4 exclusives that have released this year, plus AAA 3rd party DLC first to PS4. PS4 Pro being 100 bucks cheaper, Where your friends are.
And remember...
Checker board rendering and Native 4K are of diminishing returns: It's like comparing Sand at two different beaches at 6 feet away. The Org XB1 and PS4 was like comparing boulders and rocks at the beach.
As the resolutions go higher and higher, the human eye is going to notice less of a difference between to resolutions like Native/Checker, especially at 6 to 8 feet or more away from a screen where most reside when playing console games. Sure extra textures and graphical effects are def a bonus but are we really gonna see it with the parity needed between the org Xbox and X. So far we've seen nothing that extraordinary.
But UHD BluRay ya I'll give ya that.

maybelovehate2143d ago

I specified latest releases. As for the Resolutions.. I can tell the difference very clearly on my 65" TV. But not all people have good eyes so maybe you have an argument there, extra cost of glasses might come into play for those users.

LastCenturyRob2142d ago

Funny when Xbox fans were making similar arguments in regard to having the console with lower resolution they were chastised, but for some reason it is fine and dandy if a Sony console now suffers from the same crippling issues? Ok with that....Also, $100 to someone with a job is nothing and the higher the resolutions get where more details are exposed the more the human eye will pick up. Not the other way around. That's just wishful thinking.

WilliamSheridan2142d ago

@lastcenturyrob well that's the point, isn't it? Sony fans have been ranting and raving about graphics being superior. And only after the X is announced did they switch to the claim that they have better games. I don't care who has more games. I care about the good ones, and it's a tie to me, which is why I own both.

But the point is you ranted and raved graphic superiority. Now it's time to eat crow and suck it up...

TFJWM2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

@LastCenturyRob I think you are missing the argument. Take AC Origins for example which has a marketing deal with MS no less. The differences are non-existent watching on a 4k TV at normal viewing distance. That was not the case for xbox 1 to ps4... The differences in graphics(just a rez boost so far) are minuscule and anyone that cared so much about graphical difference would have already invested in a pst4 or a ps4 pro if 3rd party game looks are so important.

Markusb332142d ago

Well said you beat me to it.
Trouble is some people don't like the truth

jasonpugh2142d ago

Yeah those half a dozen single player exclusives really make me want to spend an additional $400 on an inferior system and hardware.

KickSpinFilter2141d ago

@LastCenturyRob The difference is it's not crippling issues this time, it's just lower resolutions.
That's the difference. $100 might not be a big deal for you are me but you bet this holiday season it's gonna play out with parents buying gifts. PS4 and XB1 are going to sell more than Pro and XB1X period sure this month will go to a newly release console. But come December it will be back to normal. Sorry kiddo.

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TheVetOfGaming2142d ago

That was a terrible comparison.

bolimekurac2142d ago

its not about whats better and who wins. why is it so hard for gamers just to game together, some people like sony, some like xbox , some like nintendo, some like pc. theres great stuff on the ps4 side and theres great stuff on xbox.

why does everyone need to hate and try to persuade people otherwise.

the xbox one x itself is awesome and with that blueray player its a nice plus. great system overall.

ErogeMaster2142d ago

Cause Xbox has no games we all can't be like star trek and get along.

UKmilitia2142d ago

this is my issue mate,
either a gamer like it seems you are,or a bitch which is seems most on here are.
i won't be getting the xb1x as im happy with my ps4 pro but i wish it luck.
2 great consoles and gamers win

KickSpinFilter2141d ago

Never said it was a bad system, it's just these Xberts coming in thinking it's the second coming. It's not. Base model will sell better after first month release of XB1X. And Same with PS4 will sell better than Pro. After the hardcore buy it's race to the bottom of cost. Just how it is. PS4 base will continue to sell more than all of them.
Switch is the who knows honestly.

Markusb332142d ago

In your view, another view is people are thinking about playing spiderman and God of war, days gone, last of us 2 etc.
Hardcore ms fans are the first adopters after that you can't hit mass market or the casuals based on 3rd party games that look better with a 4k tv. Generally mums and dads won't go for the x, if it has to be xbox the S is an easier sell.

Yohshida2142d ago

Cant really argue with that. You can also add Super Lucky and PUBG to the list while PS got nothing new after GT Sport for this year. Guess who has now games now. Gotta love the trolls.

G20WLY2142d ago

Yeah, let's not count VR, because Xbox doesn't have it. Gotta love the trolls.

Yohshida2142d ago

Because so many ppl own vr, right?

G20WLY2142d ago

Because so many ppl own Xbone, right?