Square Enix Aggressively Developing "Mid-Range" Switch Games, Says It is Similar to PS4 and Xbox One

Square Enix says that the Switch is perfect for mid-range games like Project Octopath Traveler and that we can expect new titles to be announced at E3 2018.

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PhoenixUp441d ago

I feel offended that Square Enix would call Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna a mid-range game. Those games have far lower budgets than other legitimate midrange JRPGs.

It’s obvious Square Enix is only listing them as such to justify the high prices

tehpees3440d ago

They would do better on Switch than on Xbox. Kingdom Hearts DDD sold more than the Xbox One Final Fnatasy XV according to retail figures.

If not KH3 they should do something with it for Switch. They are seriously missing out if they don't.

The 10th Rider440d ago

Considering the success they're seeing with the Switch I wouldn't be surprised if they're looking into it at the moment. The Switch does support Unreal engine and from the sound of things it works well on the console. It's also easily scale-able. Heck, they were talking about porting Final Fantasy XV to Unreal so that they could port it to Switch, it'd make sense that they're looking into porting games that already use Unreal to Switch.

CrystalFantasy440d ago

Please no more Bravely Default trash. Those games are overrated garbage.

Make FFXII Zodiac age for Switch and I'll buy it. I won't play that ps2 game on my ps4 but i will on a handheld... When i buy the second revision next year, you know, with superior battery life and better screen along with the rest of the Switch that was originally cut out to meet demands this year. Lol you suckers.

Prince_TFK440d ago

I guess I’m one of the suckers that is currently playing Mario,BOTW, and Splatoon then. Lucky you.

CrystalFantasy440d ago

I played Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Wolfenstein, Nioh and many others plus all the upcoming games so I'm quite content to wait for next year to buy the REAL version of the Switch next year.