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Microsoft's long-awaited premium console delivers exactly what's been promised, the best console you can buy right now, with a few caveats.

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affrogamer378d ago

DOPE! The X is definitely a beast of a machine even tho I'm a Playstation gamer

Septic378d ago

Microsoft kept it's promise and then some with the Xbox One X. Time to get those 4K Tv's yall

darthv72377d ago

That's when i will get mine (along with a Pro). I'm good with the base units on my older Samsung plasma.... for now.

threefootwang377d ago

Already have my 4K TV. My One X arrived this morning, can't wait to get home from work!

The amount of features the One X offers over its's not even fair to compare anymore. One X is vastly superior.

sprinterboy371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

They've kept the promise on great hardware, but if there new games, new ips at gamescom and E3 are not showing of the power ie like Sony 1st party games do, then I won't be buying any new 4k TV until nxt gen tbh, the ball is firmly in ms court to impress me to get a x, I'll wait till E3 to make a final dicision.

darthv72371d ago

The hardware is solid, now they just need to work on providing more in house content. I don't care if they continue their plan to support both PC and console... I just want there to be more in house created content. They have a huge back catalog of gems just doing nothing.

By adding og xbox support is a nice step but take some of those og titles and give them proper sequels all these years later. Make them cross platform play between PC / xbox.

4Sh0w371d ago (Edited 371d ago )


- Yeah it's great, make sure you get everything properly setup, for some Tv's like mine, you got to go to the settings an manually enable HDR, (X too, check out the short insect demo) plus adjust brightness etc but man once you get it done the graphics just pop, nothing earth shatteringly different but environments are just crisper...its probably all in my head but I think I'm playing a bit better too.

Poobz370d ago

They promised "true 4k gaming without compromise".

You think they "kept it's promise and then some with the Xbox One X" Mmmmm

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AngelicIceDiamond370d ago

Since Phil and the team came through and promised on hardware. If they gave as much care as they did with hardware I can only imagine the software will be there. Phil said there next focus is on games and first party. Why doubt them now since they recognized they had a hardware problem and fixed it I can only see the same effort being done with the games.

Tazzy370d ago

They kept their promise?? The console does checkerboarding and Phil Spencer is an idiot because he thinks checkerboarding is native 4k Xbox fans were on PS4PRO for doing checkerboarding now that the Xbox One X does it its totally fine thats bs. Some games are targeting 4k they might and might not hit it wheres their promise of games that were coming?? I see people losing their minds over the enhanced games big deal they have better graphics but its not worth my time playing a game again just to play it in 4k. I have an Xbox One S it has a 4k bluray player in it nobody rushed out to buy it with a 4k bluray what did it sell a few million and in reality the Xbox One S was the Xbox upgrade to go against PS4PRO. Phil Spencer said PS4PRO is an Xbox One S competitor and vice versa its the same thing so to me the Xbox One X is a new console since Phil is comparing both PS4PRO and Xbox One S and he says that the PS4PRO isn't a true 4k console. Xbox One X is but its only for enhanced games from the original Xbox the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One if it was a true 4k console developers wouldn't have to target 4k they would be able to hit it no problem. Heres the link and nobody can call the Xbox One X a true 4k gaming console because they have 0 games with new engines all the games that have been shown are from outdated engines of course games are going to look great they have 0 exclusives they haven't shown me a game to get me to buy one. If they launched with a Conker 2 game I would have bought one day one but they didn't have any games.

Heres the link

rainslacker370d ago

Maybe I'll get one when they deliver on all those other promises they made. Or at least the one that matters which was that one billion or so in new games development.

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XStation4pio_Pro371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Props for the mature response! It’s refreshing when people just simply recognize the efforts of others even if it’s not their brand of choice. And yes, it’s a beautiful machine. Mine snuggles up right next my PS4 Pro :).

MatrixxGT370d ago

Mine too.

Not side by side but more like pro on top shelf and X on middle.

cooperdnizzle370d ago

Mine too. Sony fan through and through but I must say really well built console. If they bring the games than will have 3 bad butt consoles on the market

iDadio371d ago

They have my curiosity, now I want them to grab my attention

babadivad370d ago

I had an "empty" feeling when I bought the Pro[I don't do VR]. It felt like a waste of money. With the X, it feels like I got what I paid for immediately. Very happy with my purchase(so far).

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Septic378d ago


"An incredibly impressive console that delivers exactly what was promised."

Well done Microsoft.

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Letthewookiewin370d ago

I picked one up and love the fact it actually upgrades backwards compatible games. Put in Mass Effect 1 and it ran amazing even on the S it was pretty vanilla. Always played it all choppy and glitchy. Gears 2 looks awesome also. It’s better than what the S did. Halo 5 and Gears 4 look incredible too. Overall pretty happy with the Machine and I bought the controller with the rubber grips, nice! AC Origins is a treat on it too. Now I’ve got an even bigger backlog of Pro and X games.

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NoPeace_Walker378d ago

Beastly 9.0! 👍🏼🍺

I am glad I bought it.

NoPeace_Walker370d ago

I commented 7 days ago. How does an IGN review took a week to be approved? The IGN's PS4 Pro and Switch reviews took about 7 min a piece to get approved. what the heck !??

Anyhow. 👍🏼🍺 27866; to the X. A beastly well deserved 9.

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