Why you should buy an Xbox One X – in Microsoft’s own words

GameCentral talks to Microsoft’s Albert Penello about the new Xbox console, 4K technology, and the future of video game generations.

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datriax370d ago

"...Microsoft’s Albert Penello..."

You lost me already.

yeahright2370d ago

Dude literally tried to say the 360 was more powerful than the PS3 then had to switch to 360 had better versions of games when called out on it. But I loved the reporter's follow up telling him that just underscores his original point of the most powerful among the consoles historically doesn't account for much. Penello of course ignores this.
he also says things like the 1X is for people that want the best versions of games available. Doesn't jive since you can't play games like Mario and uncharted on it and those are available. slip of the tongue but this is Penello. I mean he goes on to say the 1X is about driving differentiation. Really? it's nothing but a power boost, and with abandoning exclusives as they have, there's nothing differentiating the 1X. I stopped reading after that.
Once again, my problem isn't with what xbox is doing, it's with how they present it. A bunch of BS. At least this reporter called him out from the get go for marketing speak.

nativegoku370d ago

Because you've been harassed and ridiculed for 3 years about playing games at 720p, even when every year there were non stop game releases.

sazselesbon370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Because it's the best "hardware" this gen. Software, well, it's debatable.

yeahright2370d ago

Most powerful isn't debatable, but "best" sure is.

yeahright2370d ago

My mistake, I read that original post wrong. I missed "software" but still, I wouldn't use the word debatable, more subjective

CobraKai370d ago

Great questions. Not so great “ safe” answers. It’s like the guy was dodging bullets.

370d ago
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