PUBG Is About To Get A 4K Patch For Xbox One X Owners

Oh boy is this some incredible news for Xbox One X owners.

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NoPeace_Walker346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Just got the XB1 a couple hours ago. Another true 4K game on the X! PubG, amazing news for XB1X gamers.

Septic346d ago

Congrats on the purchase brah!

PubG on consoles will be great fun .

DialgaMarine345d ago

Looking forward to the PS4 version, myself.

Sm00thNinja345d ago

I sold my base PS4 for the Xbox One X. Why is that so absurd... Game stop gave 150 for trade in. Still have my Pro of course so nvm

343_Guilty_Spark345d ago

You’ll be waiting a long time.

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XStation4pio_Pro345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I just got my one x today. I’ve seen it befor but when it’s in your house on your own gear and it still looks mindblowingly clear and smooth it’s an exciting feeling. I’m in love. Forza 7 and AC Orgins are next level on the X. Can’t wait for PUBG in 4k.

mark_parch345d ago

agree only had time to try forza 7 last night and it really did look so much better than the standard xbox one especially with my sony 65" X900E

MagicBeanz345d ago

And already back posting, hmmmm

WilliamSheridan345d ago

Bro here's an honest review of the X. It's faster and prettier than the S model. And for now a little better than my Pro. Likely will be where I buy all my multiplats. It's quiet, it's smooth. Is it end all be all? No. And honestly if you don't have a 65" high end t.v. or bigger, you'll notice less of a difference.

Games run smooth. Let's all enjoy our games together and stop bickering.

I don't understand why people can't own and get excited about both. We are all gamers, let's game.

mark_parch345d ago

@WilliamSheridan Totally agree love my new xbox one x scorpio edition it's an amazing piece of kit but if your a gamer you can still play all those great games on a xbox one s. I also own a ps4 pro as I don't want to miss out on anything

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cigi346d ago

WOW - this is huge...
could be fun to see how many PC "mater race" are actually running this a 4k

EddieT345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

PC gamers favour high framerate over high resolution, particularly in shooters. So not many will run it in 4K and will instead go with 1080p 144hz.

Onenyte345d ago

Well I am at 4k high settings averaginh 72 FPS

Ryzen 1700X and EVGA 1080 Classified

The difference in high and ultra is nonexistent

nowitzki2004345d ago

why would you play this game at 4k? Frames are a weapon for competitive games like PUBG. 144hz and 1080p is where im at.

ONESHOTV2345d ago

console gamers they don't know any better BTW I7 4790k strix 1080ti I can push it to 4k but why would I do that when my refresh rate is 165HZ lol

Boughnuts345d ago

Running 80-100 at1440p with my 1070

xX1NORM1Xx345d ago

Oooooo store brought assets in glorious 4k!

andrewsquall345d ago

Lol what? We know this. It was revealed last week it won't even be available for the game's launch in over a months time though.
Seriously, what's up with that? This was the main point y'all complained about PS4 Pro over a year ago right after the point where Sony didn't force devs to do better fps at 1080p over 4K stuff and turns out that's something else XboneX focuses mostly on too.

ThinkThink345d ago

It's still in game preview remember. The official game isnt out until who knows. Let's be happy that we are getting a free 4k patch for a game in game preview.


I'm loving my 1X! My god these games are beautiful. Namco needs to get my Tekken 7 a patch quick fast though.

MagicBeanz345d ago

So many people loving their bone X's but still have so much free time to come here and post its amazing.

Sm00thNinja345d ago

I mean you're here too??? Kind of a mute point

MagicBeanz345d ago


I dont think you know what a moot point is. Moot by the way not "mute". For Christ sake.

aconnellan345d ago

What are you insinuating? Are you implying that if they loved their 1X so much they'd be playing it instead of being on the internet?

Ever heard of taking breaks? Or being at work? Or on the bus? Or someone else using the TV? Or literally any other scenario?

What a shitty argument. You obviously must not play games because you, too, are commenting on this article. smfh

Septic345d ago

You have so many exclusives and yet you have time to come to Xbox threads to show how immensely insecure you are 🤣. It's amazing

WilliamSheridan345d ago

Just like you Sony boys have ALL THE EXCLUSIVES yet here you are posting on an Xbox One X article.

I mean that argument goes both ways, geniuses.

Kiwi66345d ago

So what's your excuse then seeing as you've been making multiple comments in xbox articles putting people down because they say they're happy with getting an Xbox One X

TankCrossing345d ago

Ha ha Beanz is at this constantly. He's like the Energizer Rat that doesn't really get featured in their adverts, because the bunny is obviously more likable.

MagicBeanz345d ago

LOL, looks like my comment brought out all the usual suspects even got Septic Tank this time. Thanks for making my point for me fellas, guess those "enhanced" games didn't turn out to be all you thought they would be.

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