The Last of Us 2: Paris gameshow trailer breakdown - PS4Pro

NXGamer: Naughty Dog are again pushing the envelope on what can be achieved in real-time rendering, Ellie & Joel may be returning in the new game, but this new peak shows us an earlier point in their world as I examine some of the details that show they are leading the industry in many facets at this point.

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corroios438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

This game isnt for kids. I dont want a TLOU cartony with rainbows and unicorns. Sorry there are many games like that.

The trailer is amazing and they learned alot by doing first UC4.

TheKingKratos437d ago

*I don't want a TLOU cartony with rainbows and unicorns.*


corroios437d ago

Sorry, did you play the game?

TheKingKratos437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Joel hugged a clicker and he give Joel a kiss on the neck and after that they walked into the sunset holding hands while looking at the rainbow

What game did YOU play ?

Goldby437d ago

you forgot the part where they rode giraffes into the sunset with hakuna matada playing in the background

kevnb437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

trailer does nothing for me because it simply has no context at all. Im sure the game will be fantastic, but I really wanted to see gameplay... I had a lot of fun with the first game and the cut scenes in that one enhanced the experience for me, but again without any context a trailer like this means nothing to me.

OB1Biker437d ago

Relating to gameplay, Id say thats when you find the hammer which will be your main melee weapon playing as 'Anna'