The 7 Best PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

From Uncharted to Hellblade, here are the games that make the most out of your PS4 Pro.

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Shineon443d ago

Almost the same as the ps4 base version you need df to spot the very small disapointing difference

S2Killinit443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

That’s so far from the truth i almost didnt want to say anything. For one thing, Horizon: Zero Dawn is actually the most beautiful open world game ive ever seen.

Which game are you referung to? Or is this a fanboy comment?

Shineon443d ago

Horizon looks almost the same as the base ps4 and its the main one bragged about.Ps4 pro isn't that powerful its well known now we got duped just like with psvita

S2Killinit442d ago

and yet nothing on the competition's list of games compares to it. See what I mean?

442d ago
kevnb443d ago

You might need glasses.

Hardiman443d ago

Sorry but my kids have a base PS4 and a Vizio 55 4K tv and I have a Pro running on a Samsung 65 inch 4K HDR tv and there is quite a difference. We've done side by side so I'm sorry and Assassins Creed Origins runs and looks better on the Pro as well. When the HDR patch hit it made the game look even better. All the games listed here look amazing but as of right now no other game I've seen looks better the HZD!

443d ago
Darkwatchman443d ago

Uncharted 4 does not belong here. While it is still one of the best looking games of the generation. All the ps4 pro did was render the exact same visuals at 1440p with no enhancements. For a GPU that is 2.3x’s more powerful, to render only 77% more pixels and no other enhancements is FAR from utilizing the pro hardware effectively.

Ju443d ago

It's one of the best looking games on the PS4. Stop ranting. And 1440p and HDR makes it shine even more. No matter if you think it could "enhance" even more. Fact is, it is running better on the Pro.

Darkwatchman443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Any pro enhanced title runs better on the pro. That doesn’t change that 1440p and no other visual settings enhanced is a bare minimum that a lot of lazy pro upgrades like MGS 5 stick to. The only real weakness to the Uncharted 4 engine is the really pixelated dynamic shadows that look awful up close. They could have at the VERY least improved those shadows, but it’s just the ps4 game at 1440p. That is nowhere near making use of the ps4 pro hardware.

It’s nothing like say, Guerilla Games’ excellent use of the ps4 pro hardware with the 4K checkerboard tendering achieving monumental image quality that has a huge impact on the clarity of textures and texture filtering. Just 1080p to 1440p is basic as hell and Naughty Dog can do way better. I’m hoping they ACTUALLY make use of the ps4 pro hardware with The Last of Us Part 2 because The Lost Legacy was just another 1080p to 1440p upgrade.

The Temporal Injection Insomniac used in Ratchet and Clank, also, to achieve a perceived 4K image is beautiful. Both these studios put in a much more significant effort in their pro upgrades than Naughty Dog did.

Obscure_Observer443d ago


Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are running the same as most of third party enhanced games on Pro. Shame. SP, Polyphony, GG... all of them did a far better job on Pro than Naughty Dog.

Ju442d ago

Yes, sure. Others did. But they weren't "just" patched. And that baseline for an existing engine patched in Pro support is quite high.

ND testimony for pro support was quite obvious for everybody to see 8n the Last of Us 2 teaser. Or are you still questions ND capabilities.

UC4 uses a heavily optimize PS4 engine. Long before they knew about the Pro.

Knushwood Butt443d ago

I have a Pro, 1080p tv, and play a lot of the Uncharted 4 multiplayer.

I, for one, am glad the Pro runs the multiplayer at 1080p

Darkwatchman443d ago

I’m glad the multiplayer got a resolution bump too because 900p is just nasty, but even just a bump from 900p to 1080p when your GPU is 2.3x’s more capable is nowhere near flexing the hardware’s capabilities when no other visual settings are enhanced.

Knushwood Butt443d ago

@ Dark

Fair enough.

I'd be happy if I felt like I was on an even playing field due to lsg...

kevnb443d ago

1440p vs 1080p is a pretty significant enhancement.

Darkwatchman443d ago

It is, but they could have done more. Much more. If you’re not going to enhance any other settings, at LEAST render the game at 2880x1620. That would be twice the resolution of 1080p. Much closer to actually using the extra GPU power available instead of just a bump to 1440p. Look at the massive gains Horizon and Ratchet and Clank and tell me Uncharted 4’s pro upgrade isn’t lazy in comparison.

kevnb443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

It’s really just the testing, they want to make sure performance is still good at all times. Also fancy up scaling techniques are not free performance wise, although I’m not sure how much performance is needed for checker boarding.

Obscure_Observer443d ago


"1440p vs 1080p is a pretty significant enhancement."

No, it´s not! According by Sony is not even aceptable! Stop sugarcoating Naughty Dog´s mess!

mocaak443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

I agree with you, I was disappointed in Uncharted 4 upgrade, multiplayer did get a nice bump though, but The Lost Legacy on the Pro looks fantastic. So far the best looking PS4 Pro games from which I played are Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, GT Sport, and Uncharted TLL.

gbsrnctaln443d ago

"Only 77% more pixles" lol, like thats nothing...

Plus you conveniently leave out HDR. GTFOOH

Darkwatchman443d ago

Okay, but 2.3x’s gpu grunt and you don’t even over 2x’s the resolution??? 1440p would have been understandable if other settings were enhanced like the shadows, which are the worst part of Uncharted 4’s presentation, but no all other visual settings are identical. Laziness

gbsrnctaln443d ago

Ive owned it on both ps4vanilla and the Pro and the fact is that it looks MUCH better on the Pro. The res bump is nice, but its really the bump + HDR that makes it amazing.

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