TGR's Bargain Bin: Take Turns Edition

Via TGR - "Browsing through Gamestop last weekend, I spent some time staring longingly at the new copies of Dragon Quest 4. Being a huge fan of old style RPGs and turn-based gameplay in general, I was tempted to purchase the game right there and then. I only make $100 every two weeks, and with bills and gas to pay for, that doesn't leave a lot of leeway for overly priced, albeit cool, video games at the moment. That in mind, I've taken it upon myself to use this week's Bargain Bin to point you toward some of the more affordable, yet still awesome turn-based games you can play on the go."

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cain1415236d ago

To many good new games for me to look at old title right now...

ihaten4glol5236d ago

I feel you on the shortage of cash. I particularly enjoyed the MGAcid titles, mostly because they were so affordable.