Third-Party Nintendo Switch Games Are So Damn Big

Kotaku: “Just before the Nintendo Switch launched, we wrote about a game that required more space than the system’s 25.9GB of usable onboard memory. In March it was an exception, but by the end of the year it’s already becoming the norm for third-party releases on the platform.”

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Neonridr354d ago

that's good, that means that these games aren't being stripped down considerably for the Switch.

michellelynn0976353d ago

I agree. Look at their downloads for other consoles as well. It is huge.

DJK1NG_Gaming354d ago

Correction. Western Third Party Nintendo Switch games.

XStation4pio_Pro354d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Oh. That makes it not a problem now. Only western games will have storage problems. Guess that explains why my One S came with a 2 terabyte drive. I’ll make sure that problems only matter based on origin. My car is German, do German cars have to worry about tire pressure or just Japanese ones?

Goldby353d ago

No but German cars, VW in particular tend to have more steps to do the same job as an American or Japanese vehicle

PhoenixUp353d ago

You do know that two of the games discussed in this article are Japanese games right?

GameBoyColor353d ago

Those are collections though.

DJK1NG_Gaming353d ago

Two games in collection.
Resident Evil Revelations Collection is just the first game on cartridge with the second as download when getting the physical.
Dragon Quest Heroes I-II is both games in one. Which this game was no optimize for Switch. It was a simple quick port for Launch.

You don't see these games have the label of needing a Micro SD card.

XStation4pio_Pro354d ago (Edited 353d ago )

So frustrating how the switch deals with storage. I honestly don’t understand why people think it’s so great. Almost everything about it is a pain in the ass. The only thing that isn’t a pain is removing it from the dock. Even my mobile phone has 128gb of storage (256gb when my iphoneX shows up tomorrow). If the switch was made by anyone other than Nintendo it would be a failure. The other fact here is the average game on PS4 or x1 is around 45gb +. If 25gb is a problem then you can count on all 3rd party games that make it being pared down not only for power but storage as well. And what about DLC expansion? Do we have to go by $200 256gb sd cards to give the impression the Switch has an internal drive storage or just keep buying sd and swapping sd cards every time a game adds on? Too many sacrifices for $300 when you could get a PS4 or x1 that have non of these issues and a lot of benefits in place of.

Theknightofnights353d ago

You're comparing the Switch quite heavily with stationary consoles. I can understand why you'd do this from a consumer perspective, but from an electronics perspective you really can't expect the same storage capabilities from the Switch as you can a stationary console like the PS4 or Xbox One.

That doesn't mean it's not inconvenient for people. You definitely touched on the third party issue quite clearly. Compromises will have to be made for the Switch to get many third party games that launch on other consoles.

Razzer353d ago

“Do we have to go by $200 256gb sd cards to give the impression the Switch has an internal drive storage or just keep buying sd and swapping sd cards every time a game adds on? ”

How about you just delete games you are done playing? And if you are paying $200 for $256gb then you are paying too damn much. Get a 200gb for around $80.

GameBoyColor353d ago

Uh i had to constantly delete my games on ps4 to get new ones on. Didn't matter if it was physical or digital. My phone was 800 dollars and only came with 32gb of internal memory. And $200 for an sd card? That's a ripoff son and people who buy that got played. 128gb card for 40 bucks is more than enough and I haven't even come close to filling it yet.

Prince_TFK353d ago

The thing is, you are paying $1200 for your 256gb iphone, while the 32gb Switch cost $300. Also, a 256gb microsd card does not cost $200.

You also asked people to get a ps4 or an x1 instead, but neglect to tell them how to play BOTW, Mario, Xenoblade, Smash, Pokemon...on those two console.

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gtxgamer2353d ago

I came to the conclusion that anything over 15-20 gb I'm just gonna get a physical copy of

ImGumbyDammit353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

I understand that logic. But, what about DLC and fixes. That adds up over time as well.

I do have a question and to be honest I don't own a Switch at the moment but my fiances son does . I peronslly said I was going to stand back for a year and see how the landscape was before I bought one. However, my question for those that have a Switch is about games fixes. How does the Switch handle fixes for games you bought the actual physical copy? Does it update the actual copy on the game on the original media? If so, what happens if the fix/patch causes game to require more space than the original physical media provided? For example, the game fills up almost all of a 24GB card and with updated patches the new required size is 26GB but the card is too small to handle the update size. I know this is a strange question but, since media is handled quite differently on the both PS4 and Xbox it is one that I think of and worry when I here about the Switches limited storage options. For digital I suppose this wouldn't be an issue but for an actual physical copy it would concern me with these games with larger storage requirements (and we know most companies to save money will release games on media that fits the size of the original game as close as possible).

Neonridr353d ago

updates and DLC would be saved to internal storage. I don't think the game cards are writeable.

However, plenty of games require zero installs (all first party software is entirely on the cartridge). Problem here is that devs are cheaping out and opting for smaller sized cartridges (16 instead of 32) and requiring the user to download the rest. Had the dev opted for a storage size sufficient, this would even be an issue.

PS4/XB1 games are always installed to the HD, most Switch games just play off the cart with minimal data being stored on the system. That is why one 256GB card would last you a lot longer than you think. A PS4 HD would let you install like 10 full sized games tops and then you would have to delete games and manage your content that way.

InTheZoneAC353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

can we just get a 2ds version of the switch?

-No screen
-No joycons
-System the size of two large phones stacked on top of each other, just enough clearance for hdmi port, power, and two usb ports.
-1 TB of internal storage

Price $150

Prince_TFK353d ago

That is actually sound like a good idea. Maybe we'll see one down the line. Although it would likely cost $200.

kevnb347d ago

I can see them doing this later on.

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