Housemarque Proclaims Arcade Genre Is Dead, Will Move Onto Something Totally Different

Housemarque just confirmed in a press release that they'll move onto doing different games as the arcade genre is effectively dead.

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Kribwalker378d ago

So they sold more super stardust HD on the ps3 with a smaller userbase then they did Nexmachina on the ps4. But i thought catering to the larger userbase was the right move.....

gangsta_red378d ago

It really is a shame, we need more arcade type shoot 'em ups and just these types of games in general.

"But i thought catering to the larger userbase was the right move....."

Yea, it's abut time these devs stop using this excuse because it's not working out in the long run.

fr0sty377d ago

If you're releasing games in a genre nobody plays anymore, it doesn't matter how big of an install base you are releasing to. That is all this proves.

NapalmSanctuary377d ago

It suggests multiple possibilities but proves nothing.

bluefox755377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

There's a million factors that go into how well a game sells, pretending like install base is the only one that matters is just intellectually dishonest.

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andrewsquall377d ago

It comes with a backlash of course. Because there are over 1800 games on PS4 over a console like Xbone's 1300, of course it is harder for your game to be noticed among so many more.

Can't wait to see what this team can do, they consistently put out great games with optimisation through the roof.

P_Bomb377d ago

Sick amount of software this year on Ps4. $25CDN give or take on an indie known for sick difficulty just wasn’t in my cards. I’ve platinumed Resogun and Dead Nation though, I’ll get to this eventually on sale or PS+. Can’t day one everything

KickSpinFilter377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Wait, wait ,wait Superstardust, Resogun, Dead nation are amazing games and I bought them all.
Nexmachina just did not look interesting to me at all after playing a demo of it.
So your just going to throw the towel in!?!
Perhaps you just did not knock it out of the park this time?
Come on HM.
Cuphead: I would call that a Arcade game success.
Why don't you wait to see if that sells then make a decision if the arcade genre is dead.
Nexmachina was just not that good.

Master of Unlocking376d ago

Wait...they have already released another game after Alienation?
And just because it didn't sell as expected during what, the first month after it came out they declare the arcade genre is dead, just like that, in the most arbitrary manner?
Come on Housemarque, I have Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Resogun, I'll get Alienation at some point, and maybe Nexmachina too, you guys can't give up on this genre, dammit, it's not like there's a plethora of good ol' arcade games these days!
Those guys are really talented, pretty much whatever game they come up with is great, they mustn't let that small hiccup in their carrier get in the way of their passion for these kind of games!

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lelo2play378d ago

If Housemarque didn't limit most their games to one platform, maybe the arcade genre wouldn't be dead. A 3rd party developer making exclusive deals is simply bad business.
Their are other platforms out there beside the PS4...

Palitera378d ago

They also sold Nex Machina on PC.

lelo2play378d ago

That's why I said ''most'' their games.

Palitera378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

There goes my favorite developer... Alienation is easily one of my favorite games this gen. Resogun and Nex Machina are both top notch.
And now I feel actually bad about having supported these cretins.

RIP Housemarque. NOW you're on your steady way to bankruptcy. Congrats for the decision.

andrewsquall377d ago

A bit harsh. That's the beautiful thing about being your own studio. You don't have to listen to self entitled people like you. :)

toddybad377d ago

You sound like a prize chump.

Apocalypse Shadow378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

I would have really liked just a sequel to dead nation with better lighting, particle effects, camera angle options, etc.

They know how to make quality games. Will see what they come up with. Maybe some VR? But their game most likely got lost in the amount of indie games released. And there's also such a thing as genre fatigue.

phoenixwing377d ago

I'm still thinking of maybe buying one or two of their games. I'll be really honest though, I simply have too many games to play and not enough time.

KickSpinFilter377d ago

If you had to buy one of their games, Resogun just an abfab game.

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