Seven Games to Play This Halloween That Aren't Resident Evil or Silent Hill

Halloween is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to play some scary games. Gamers have plenty to choose from, whether it be a classic like Silent Hill 2 or a more modern game such as Outlast 2. If you’re having some trouble deciding but want to play something other than the usual Resident Evil or Silent […]

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aarogree476d ago

How so? Could you elaborate?

agent4532476d ago

As with most horror game lists, these games are really old . There are a couple of indie horror games today like:

Home Sweet Home
Death by Deadlight

aarogree476d ago

So, it's a horrible list, because you disagree with it?

That's what I'm getting out of your comment.

C-H-E-F476d ago

lOl uhh, I'll stick to RE7 VR, that is a game i think i'll never beat, but I do think that my 15 min play sessions every 4 months will get me closer to the end before the PS5 drops lOl