The Biggest Upcoming Games to Look Forward to in 2024

These are the big upcoming video games to look forward to in 2024. Gamers will see RPGs, fighting games and more released in the new year.

Gamingsince1981155d ago

Probably be CoD MW 2 remastered remaster remastered

155d ago
gold_drake156d ago

persona 3
ff7 rebirth
tekken 8
paper mario

for me.

Sonic1881155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I wasn't to impress with Tekken 8 demo. Hopefully the game is better on release day

andy85156d ago

How is Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth not on this. Man early 2024 is JRPG heaven

thorstein156d ago

Really hoping for that Dragon Quest 3 remake.

andy85156d ago

Jeez me too. Its been nearly 3 years since they showed footage. I don't know why it's taking so long.

Zeldafan64155d ago

That'll probably be next year and Dragon Quest XII in 2025.

Inverno156d ago

Hopefully whatever Gen Designs been up to is out next year, really the only game I'm super anticipating, after that it's FF7 and Hollow Knight.

Chard156d ago

Shadow of the Erdtree, Visions of Mana, Rebirth, MGS3, maybe Dragon's Dogma

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franwex26d ago

I want zero complaints if the next COD is trash as you all bought it.

Hugodastrevas26d ago

Just checking-in to say I'm not part of "you all". Don't know who keeps buying that slop.

Zeref26d ago

The people that buy CoD aren't on this website.

PapaBop25d ago

Yeah COD is more of a causal game, loads of people who aren't necessarily huge day one gamers buy it as their friends buy it and even if I haven't bought one in years, it is a game that's much more fun with groups of friends.

Cacabunga26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Good to see ff7 performing 🏆
HD2 smashing records! I hope it motivates other studios to bring on some decent similar games.
Also miss some good FPS