Detroit: Become Human Trailer

Quantic Dream:
Since we introduced Detroit with a teaser focused on Kara, we released demos of Connor and Markus.

Ashlen2153d ago

This trailer was so good, I can't wait for this game. This is really the one I am looking forward too.

Xenophon_York2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Day 0.9 purchase (cause I can't wait till one.)

Eonjay2153d ago

Lol, I'm watching the trailer at work and I'm trying to keep quiet! I'm like whispering "oh snap, damn, run girl". LOL. I'm gonna have to plan out my 2018 lineup.

freshslicepizza2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

They really need to hire someone that can do animations better, it's jarring trying not to watch the terrible syncing while talking clashing with the immersive graphics. I respect David Cage for trying to bring cinematic gameplay into games and talking about serious subjects but when I buy a game I want to play a game, not just have a next gen Quick Time Event $60 game that makes you feel like a film editor.

Ceaser98573612153d ago

if you have ever played David's game it has QTE , also the Animations looks good yes not ND level but its good and nothing to complain about..

Cupid_Viper_32153d ago

No lie, I got chills watching the trailer during the conference.

I was worried that the game wouldn't be able to match the emotional highs of the old Kara concept trailer way back on the PS3. But this game seems to not only capture it but go well beyond it. And I feel that it's coming at such an appropriate time too, given all the new advances in Artificial Intelligence happening in the tech world. I mean, at some point, an Ai system will be able to become completely self-aware and we (as humans) will have to decide if shutting down its servers is ethical or not.

Imagine a program on your phone that is so intelligent that you CANNOT differentiate it from another human life, something similar to Blade Runner and such. Interesting topic and times ahead indeed.

Ashlen2153d ago

No, I honestly believe it, i absolutely had an emotional response. Both from the themes and excitement to play it.

I am certain this will be David Cages best game to date by far. It looks like there will be tons of meaningful choices and the story is just amazing. My only regret is that I have seen the trailers because I can only imagine how special it will be for someone with zero knowledge.

Xenophon_York2153d ago

The Turing Test has fascinated me for years. In fact, a few months ago I read something about 'artificial intelligence' technology that easily passes the assessment—handily fooling people.

rainslacker2153d ago

Seeing the first outcome, I was actually hoping some of the other options they showed had the android going ballistic on the guy.

senorfartcushion2153d ago

The editing was just ok. Yes, it has the epic score that'll make people tingly but still a very heavy handed trailer.

rainslacker2153d ago

Awesome trailer. Every trailer for this game makes me want the game more.

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DarkOcelet2153d ago

Goosebumps everywhere!

Day 1 for sure. The soundtrack is amazing.

GamesMaster19822153d ago

Excellent now this was what i was hoping this game would be like. Scenes like this. If it was just all futuristic war on corporation stuff like the last few trailer's i was sadly going to pass. But this now this day 1.

chrisx2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

A big fan of david cage's games. Day 1 for real.

Xenophon_York2153d ago

What? Detroit: Become Human, some-frickin-how, is looking even better than it already was. Loved the way the trailer lured me in to want to drop that trash-pretending-to-be-a-fathe r.

kneon2153d ago

I'll be taking whatever actions I can to end that dickhead, and it looks like there may be a few different options for that.

Xenophon_York2153d ago

Games win when able to pull out deep emotion from the player rather than simple coordinated reactions. Didn't realize Detroit was going in the direction of feels. 👍

Seems as though Last of Us Part II is heading in that direction, too.

KickSpinFilter2153d ago

Same, gonna drop him even at the expense of my own character.

majedx92153d ago

he is not necessarily evil the man is sick he needs help.

Eonjay2153d ago

I was hoping for a scenario where Kara just goes ballistic and starts beating him with a bat or something lol.

Cupid_Viper_32153d ago

Haha, I know what you mean, and that would be an absolutely normal 'human' reaction given the scenario at hand. But since she's an AI, we humans would interpret any violent reaction from her as something more sinister... like "Oh my Gooood, this Ai just beat the crap out of this human being who was endangering her and others!!!!". "AIs are evil inherently evil/violent and cannot be trusted", etc.... Meanwhile, almost every human being in existence is capable of the same exact transgressions if not more, and we're fine with that... lol

Keep in mind that I'm saying all of this in the context of the game. If Kara had a violent reaction to him I think the scene wouldn't be as emotionally moving. At first, I thought she would react violently too, but then it dawned on me that she's as fragile as she looks and right away that called out to my instinct to protect her and the little girl. So the scene accomplished what it set out to do very well.

Eonjay2153d ago

I mean that a huge conversation but I think that in the end, it goes back to the idea of free will. So, like lets saysthat out of no where an AI bot goes berserk. Well, its never really out of no where because it is still following a program so it can always be called a bug if the behavior was 'unexpected' or 'erroneous'. So what I am getting at is how do we properly distinguish who is 'at fault'. Is it the AI with a pseudo free will or is it the maker of the AI? As long as we can go back to the programmer, we can't really says its free will. I mean just legally it has to have been explored and I will see if I can find some examples.

Cupid_Viper_32153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Ah, I see what you're saying and I agree with the point that if someone made/created it, then there's always that part to consider.

But I think we're pushing for Ais that aren't coded anymore. As in, it is self-aware and self-taught (imagine a much more advance deep-mind ( https://www.youtube.com/wat... ) a very short video but in it, the Ai system taught itself to walk and run, even though no one ever gave it a prior concept of what walking is.... So it's learning behavior in similar ways that we humans do, either via a creative impulse or by observation and problem solving on the fly.

So I think that a much more advanced version (say 10-20 years down the road) will be virtually indistinguishable from us humans beings (if we ignore how incredibly smart they are) in terms of being a conscious and thinking lifeform able to feel and process emotions, etc. And at that point, I think it solves the 'free-will' debate portion of the equation.

Eonjay2153d ago

Yes, I agree that there are ways to circumvent the restrictions on free will, so yes, the real argument is how well can we teach self learning.

But in Kara's specific situation, she was manufactured with the purpose of being a maid for a human (oh now there is a funny plot twist if the humans are also AI lol). And remember the premise of the original trailer is that Kara has a unique 'error' that makes her different from the others. I think the error is the ability to have free will. So going from there and now watching this trailer, if she kills the Todd to protect Alice, is this murder an act of free will? That is ultimately the question here. I don't know for sure but I have a nice little thought experiment for you:

When you play Detroit become human, you are an AI bot and you are the only one with true free will and the humans in the game are the real AI.

rainslacker2153d ago

The goal of AI is that it can learn and create it's own psyche that transcends it's original programming. As such, it will be influenced by whatever early programming is put into it for matters of proper reactions, but eventually, like a child, it'll grow into it's own thing, and the original programming may only play a small part in their overall personality.

If they don't learn and create their own personality beyond their programming, they're not AI, they're just robots following pre-determined routines.

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