Microsoft talks Xbox One X at PAX AUS

Stevivor -- The Xbox One X means many things to many people. At PAX AUS, Stevivor asked Microsoft's Shannon Loftis, Chris Charla and Joe Neate just how the powerful new console has resonated with them, both personally and in regards to their specific roles.

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1458d ago
Black0ut1458d ago

Same here! Gonna be so sweet

Vandamme211458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Did Microsoft talks about Halo 5 ODLC?😂😂

XtaZ1458d ago

Your comment history sure is cringeworthy. Whats with the "Halo 5 ODLC" obsession spanning multiple pages?

shiva11457d ago

I envy you all. Please make sure to tell the experience once you get it. For me its one more year or when ever Microsoft decides to launch one x here in India. Till then I will be on Xbox one and reading all your reports on One X.

Can't wait to hear it all.

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SheenuTheLegend1458d ago

now wonder if microsoft starts releasing quality exclusives. otherwise i think all of this is a waste. yeah you can play 4k third party games but still exclusives make the system special.
at least start it by bringing alan wake back or are you gonnasave it for next xbox?

Trueflames1458d ago

8 more sleeps for me :) but no worries just try to not think about it too much...........I lied even I can't help it lol