Top 10 Skeletons in Gaming

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "The spookiest time of the year is almost here and from all of the ghoulish creatures out there, nothing makes our skin crawl quite like a skeleton. Sure there more magical, hellish and ferocious monsters out there but skeletons are the only one that well… exists. The idea of your bones coming to life and heading out to wreak havoc is a pretty spooky one and that’s exactly what these ten piles of femurs, skulls and tibiae did, and in the process also cemented their place in gaming history. So on the eve of Hallow’s Eve, we are giving credit to the best skeletons to ever spook us silly while playing a video game!"

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darthv72355d ago

my honorable mention would be Mr bones from the saturn game Mr. Bones.

DJ_Professor_K108d ago

Ha ha haha Now that is a game to be mentioned MR BONES !! There Taking Me Away!!!!

MWH355d ago

"Could it have been anyone else?" Indeed.