Five more games join the list of Back Compat arrivals on Xbox One – Should you be playing them?

Carlos writes - "This week has already proven exceptionally busy for Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility program with the arrival of several Xbox Original titles. It seems all is not over however, as now we see even more games added to help expand the ever-growing list even more. In typical fashion we’re here once more to bring you our thoughts on the latest additions, and give our views on whether it’s worth the time, and effort, to head back to these past titles once more."

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Trueflames2152d ago

Oh wow how fast they keep adding them it's so good to know all new Xbox consoles are gonna carry all these games with better graphics it's amazing

Zeref2152d ago

Backwards compatibility should be a standard going forward. There should be no reason it can't be done. I expect the PS5 to play all PS4 games. We already know that's going to be the case with Xbox 5.

Yohshida2152d ago

Give me more og Xbox games!

Auron2152d ago

They say youll get more in spring

meatnormous2152d ago

Still no Ace Combat 6, its a true exclusive.

MagUk2152d ago

Still no Burnout Revenge 😞

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Deadfall Adventures - Not as Dreadful as You've Heard

Deadfall Adventures was released way back in 2013. The game has a poor reputation, but looking back it certainly didn't deserve it.

WiiU-Dude412d ago

I enjoyed it a great deal. Good fun.

MadLad412d ago

I really liked it.
I even own the collector's edition, though I got it for dirt cheap off Amazon years ago.

Really is a solid game though.


Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 16th-22nd June 2020

Neil writes: "The Xbox Series X and PS5 unveils may be the hottest topic in gaming at this time, but for many it's all just about the games. And if you fit into that category then there is only one thing to worry about this week - the latest bargains being delivered via the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 16th-22nd June 2020. And once more there are a whole host of brilliant Xbox One and Xbox 360 discounts in place."

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Deadfall Adventures (Xbox 360) Review

Zach Murphy writes: 'The last generation of games consoles was incredible for the FPS genre. Like it or not, Call of Duty experienced the height of its popularity over the PS3 and Xbox 360 years and games like Singularity and the original Prey were both excellent, if underrated.'.

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