The Demise of the Kinect on Xbox One

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "With the production of the Xbox One Kinect ceasing I thought it would be interesting to go over the details that led to its eventual demise."

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Sgt_Slaughter448d ago

Whoever thought making motion control devices (including PS Move/Navigator at the time) right at the end of the motion fad definitely lost a job. It was a disaster for everyone involved, including Wii sales 2010 and on.

Yohshida448d ago

Well, Kinect was the best selling gaming accessory of all time

badz149448d ago

Playing shooters with MOVE+Nav is awesome though. I remember using it with KZ3, SOCOM4 and Resistance 3, man...feels so natural and accurate. personally I like it way more than using kb+m which I suck at! I was kinda disappointed that Sony didn't let this control method to stay especially with the better PS Eye camera on the PS4. I hope it will make a comeback seeing they are pushing PSVR and stuff.

oh and RIP Kinect

Poobz448d ago

Always thought kinect on 360 was a work in progress with some games being very good (Dance Central).

Sadly the X1 iteration was terrible with not even "Xbox on/off" working more than 3 attempts in 10. Never missed it when moving onto S.

Darkstryder360448d ago

I still use all the time, with my D1 Xbone.

"Xbox On" and "Xbox Pause/Play" for YouTube Netflix. Also "Xbox go to TV" for Chromecast.

Motion was always a joke though