Sony: We won't drop PS3 price this Xmas

Despite one analyst calling for an immediate PlayStation price cut, Sony is refusing to lower its price of the PS3 any further this year.

Even though Microsoft's Xbox 360 is enjoying a surge in sales following price cuts last month and fears of global economic meltdown are already tightening purse strings ahead of this festive season, Sony is pinning its hopes on the strength of its software line-up to see it through.

"We aren't making any price moves this holiday season," SCEA's director of corporate communications, Patrick Seybold, stated today. "We have the best line up of any PlayStation generation going into this holiday and consumers will be very receptive to it," he added

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Yi-Long5728d ago

... but I think Microsoft has made a great move by the current price-drop. Many people have now went out and got themselfs a 360. I picked one up for 200 euro last week. Now Microsof is also coming out with BUNDLES, so there will again be people making the jump for 360.

PS3 is a good product, and it has and will have great games... but for people with kids who just wanna buy them a good gamesconsole with lots of great games on it, at the moment, they will go for the 360. It's less than half the price of a PS3, and comes with games.

The PS3 maybe isnt dropping their price, and I can understand why... but they do need to release a 'better deal', like a very good-quality bundle, or free online content/games, or a couple of BluRays, or SOMETHING.

Personally, I WILL pick up a PS3 before this Xmas. It's a good machine and it has good games. No doubt about that.

The point is that for the average Joe and Jane and their kids, the 360 is already a very very good and affordable deal, which many of them will go for, and I doubt many of them will buy BOTH consoles this fall/winter.

Sony has to do SOMETHING, if they wanna keep up.

shadowghost7525728d ago

There already are doing something to keep up, it is called Little Big Planet. A kid will want LBP over any 360 title this holiday

Nineball21125728d ago

You make some very good points... Bubbles for you.

I agree with what you posted.

The PS3 IS a great system but considering what the global economy is like at the moment, I'm not sure that fact alone or the great line up of games is going to overcome the issue with it's current price point.

I totally think that the PS3 is worth it's price, but like you said, your average Joe and Jane Doe will go for price first and consider the other factors secondly.

I think the state of the economy right now is going to favor Xbox this Christmas... And I'm a PS3 fan!

We'll see if Sony's plan works or if they'll have to lower the price on their system like MS has.

Mr_Bun5728d ago (Edited 5728d ago )

I think that Sony must have more than LBP (which is amazing) up their sleeve if they are this confident..."increasing multimedia features for the hardware"...not exactly sure what that means but apparently they aren't concerned over the increase in 360 sales.

Yi-Long5728d ago

I agree LBP IS a greatlooking and very promising title, and it will BE a systemseller. Ofcourse. However, will it make people who are looking to buy a console for a wide variety of games, really pick the twice as expensive PS3 over the 360 for it!?
I dont think that for families right now, buying 2 consoles is an option... and that for many families, a 360 will already be 'good enough'. Especially because most of the mainstream people dont really know (yet?) about LBP.

Ofcourse, for many 'gamers' like you and me, LBP is a HUGE title, and it will sell systems. Mainstream however...!? Maybe not yet, or maybe once the hype through word-to-mouth starts rolling. But by that time, they might already have bought themselfs a 360.

TheTwelve5728d ago

"We'll allow Microsoft to have their little party until Christmas. We fully realize that we will remain very competitive throughout this holiday season, because their pricecut is really no big deal, and that in 2009, it's completely game over. Have a nice day."


RealityCheck5728d ago

I agree with you, the PS3 is a great deal for people looking at everything like games and Blu-ray movies, but for parents\relatives looking to buy a console as gift, they will go with the cheaper good-enough 360.

Sony here is being a little stubborn and a little arrogant. I would expect based on this that the PS3 will remain in 3rd place for at least another year, will loose more exclusives, and the press will remind all of us of that every single week.

TheTwelve5728d ago

Nah. I'm not believing a thing until I see some numbers. That's the truth of the matter. Sony will do what is needed when needed and thus far, the numbers don't show urgency for Sony to do a thing.

And as somebody stated below, the Xbox 360 will still be around the same price as a PS3 if you actually want to play it to the system's potential.


Nineball21125728d ago

would be to offer a Little Big Planet console/gaming package.

They wouldn't be lowering the price of the PS3, but getting that game included with a console would be a big seller, I think.

morganfell5728d ago

You have a different definition of keeping up than Sony and I will take their definition. First of all you sound like you American centric about this matter. The PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide. How is this not keeping up with Microsoft?

Second, no one but Sony knows when they reach the point where they are happy with the cost returns.

TheTwelve5728d ago

Exactly Morgan...these people act as if they have more insider information on the industry than Sony. What, you really think Sony isn't doing a price-cut due to PRIDE? This isn't highschool, people. This is grownups.


Yi-Long5728d ago

... I'm from Holland, which is in Europe, so I doubt I'm americancentric ;)

2nd of all, the more people own a 360 and are happy with it, the more developers will target their games at THAT audience for the coming years. That's pretty important, dont you think? Just thinka couple of steps into the future, and it just means that PS3 cant afford to really get behind too far.

360 is now also appealing to the mainstream consumers who last gen had a PS2, or perhaps an Xbox, and this gen first went for the Wii and are now left without any good games to play, so are looking for a new affordable next-gen machine. 360 IS that machine right now.

I dont doubt PS3 will also once again bring in a huge audience, but if they wont have a very good offer, it wont be this holiday-season. I predict next fall we will see the PS3 really getting popular with the mainstream audience, due to pricedrops for blueray, lots of games, and a lower price for the system itself.

But like I said, they do need to keep up or else the 360 will get more and more exclusives and developers will have the 360 as their main system, and just port everything over to the PS3, which isnt good news for Sony, or it's gamers.

juuken5728d ago

Define exclusives.

The 360 getting more and more exclusives? So...I assume that 1st party studios aren't making exclusives for the PS3?

You can argue that the parent would go for the 360 because of the cheap price, however there are still people out there who want better value for their money.

TheTwelve5728d ago

Yi-Long: When the 360 is able to consistently outsell the PS3, worldwide, besides just fresh off of a pricecut, then you'll see Sony do what they need to "keep up" as you suggest. I don't know why you think you know more about this than they do...lol.


Nathaniel_Drake5728d ago

Yeah I have to agree with Morganfell and TheTwelve, Sony is not dropping the price of the PS3 because well they don't have to, they have two other consoles on the market a last gen console and a handheld, which I don't know of the release date but is getting a hardware update. Microsoft in its gaming division is more pressured to drop the price because that's all they really have in their gaming division that defines them, Xbox 360.

Everyone always says software sells hardware and a lot of people were complaining about the PS3 not having the software in its first year to do that well folks here it is the software has cometh and what a line up. And like it or not but some unit sales this holiday season are going to come from blu-ray sales from Iron Man to that well known movie "The Dark Knight".

Now I don't know how the consumer will take this holiday season with the economy here the way it is, but we should all know that consumer buying is always a finicky appetite and doesn't always go with logic, ask Pachter about that.

Casual and hardcore software are being sold this holiday season from all consoles, but there is no way of knowing which side it will go, but do you really think Sony's sales are going to drop to where they would have to drop the price of the PS3, I just can't see that happening

Yi-Long5728d ago

"Yi-Long: When the 360 is able to consistently outsell the PS3, worldwide, besides just fresh off of a pricecut, then you'll see Sony do what they need to "keep up" as you suggest. I don't know why you think you know more about this than they do...lol"

Right now, the PS3 is selling well. You're right.

However, let's look at who's buying the PS3. Gamers? Sure. But there are also ALOT of people buying the system mainly for the BluRay player.
When you look at all this from the perspective of GAME-developers, they KNOW a big amount of the people owning the PS3 arent necessarilly also 'gamers'. Right!?

PS3 is selling as a great mediacenter with a BR-player inside. Fantastic! Great value for money! Love the machine, love the system!

But will those people buy a JRPG!? Or will they buy Far Cry 2? Or will they buy Afrika?

So what I'm trying to say, is that although PS3 is selling very well, you cant REALLy compare the sellingnumbers between the 2 systems as an indication of how well they are doing, FOR THE GAMING INDUSTRY! Cause alot of people arent buying the PS3 for games, but mainly as a great and cheap BR player and mediacenter.
Nothing wrong with that, but it's important to realize that difference, from a developer standpoint, and from the standpoint from Sony.

Sony doesnt NEED to lower the prices cause the system is still selling great. However, not necessarilly to GAMERS, which could be a problem in the long run, when we're talking about games and exclusives etc.

TheTwelve5728d ago

Nice, but now you're getting into the unproven. As I said, the only thing Sony will listen to and the only thing developers will listen to are the numbers.

Oh, and you think the Wii is being bought by GAMERS? Certainly not. However look how many exclusives they've stolen from Sony for that same reason.

Also, MGS4 proved to all sides involved that people bought the PS3 to play games.


morganfell5728d ago (Edited 5728d ago )

You are out of step with that porting to PS3 idea. It is becoming the other way around. Over the past 4-5 months that has been the biggest shift in console development. Sales, for a variety of reason including media, have made the PS3 a force with which developers and publishers now must reckon.

On top of that there a handful of experimenters looking to do certain things that require permissions MS refuses to grant.

But the big move has been more and more companies picking the PS3 as the lead dev platform and then porting to the 360 so your assessment is backwards in that regard.

Saying you can't compare the selling numbers between the two systems is tantamount to living in a dream world. Since the PS3 launch it has been outselling the 360 worldwide and gaining on the 360. Based on the way sales have been heading the 360 lead is now likely down in the 3 mil range and that is pretty sad for an entire year head start. With a big chunk of that lead being the Arcade system with no HDD and god knows how many of those lead numbers are RROD systems then is there even a lead at all? After all, look at the sales of EA and who they sat provides the majority of their revenue.

Gaming is mainstream now so trying to differentiate between a homeowner that bought the PS3 for a Bluray player and a gamer is acting as if that homeowner won't also buy games. Frankly that concept is a bit passe.

EDIT: I don't care how many friends houses you have been to. If you don't actually own a PS3 then discussing it's capabilities as a gaming device is like trying to pass off hearsay evidence in court.

Let's be correct here. 90% of the time what the developer wants to do doesn't mean squat. It's what the publisher wants that matters. There are exceptions but those exceptions are few and far between. Decisions are tied to the purse strings.

Yi-Long5728d ago

"Nice, but now you're getting into the unproven. As I said, the only thing Sony will listen to and the only thing developers will listen to are the numbers.

Oh, and you think the Wii is being bought by GAMERS? Certainly not. However look how many exclusives they've stolen from Sony for that same reason.

Also, MGS4 proved to all sides involved that people bought the PS3 to play games."

Nothing 'unproven' about it. It's a FACT that many people have bought the PS3 mostly because of the BR-player. Just read the CNET website or magazines or whatever.

Now, if both systems have a userbase of 1000 (example, obviously), and for 1 system 100% bought it to play games on, and the other system was bought by 90% to play games on, and by 10% to watch movies or use it as a mediacenter, which system do you think will be more interesting to develop for, from a GAMEDEVELOPER's point of view, wanting to sell as much games as possible!?

That's what's the issue here.

Also, you didnt understand my when I said the MAINSTREAM was buying Wii's last year. Those are not the 'gamers' like you and me (ofcourse, many 'gamers also bought a Wii, but it mostly sold to people with families as toy for the livingroom as opposed to selling to 'traditional gamers').

So now that the Wii has them nothing more to offer, and the mainstream does want an affordable console to enjoy games on... the next logical option would the the 360. Right!? Or do you think those people will now spend 400 euro on a PS3 instead? Some will, ofcourse... but most of them will see the cheap 360 as the best option.

And ofcourse MGS4 sold extremely well. Its one of the best games in history. Even I bought it, and I dont even have a PS3 yet (bought it cheap on holiday).

wallace10005728d ago

I agree that LBP will target a wide audience but if a little kid wants it for Christmas will an average family in a struggling economy spend the extra to get a PS3 over a Wii or 360?

morganfell5728d ago

Wallace, this is where MS has been fairly deceptive and Sony has done a poor job of not exposing all the associative costs of owning a 360 and then expecting to get a full gaming experience. Several of us have broken that issue down in the past with hard numbers.

When you examine the complete costs for the full experience, and face it - almost no one is buying an arcade in numbers and just sitting it at home and playing it with no HDD and a silver account. It may start out like that but for the most part it doesn't end up like that.

The Lazy One5728d ago (Edited 5728d ago )

Alright, so you tell me ONE (just one) thing that I will need to play games on my arcade system if I buy one of the new european arcade bundles.

Just one. That's all. Tell me a single thing that I will need not in the box to PLAY GAMES.

edit: at below. And you'd be wrong. you get a free month with every new 360, and neither game in any bundle requires xbox live to play 100% of the game, sooo... question remains.

edit 2: sure? why not? do I need xbox live to play every game? in fact, I'm fairly certain that you don't need it to play any game. Question stays. Name one thing not in the box that I need to play games.