5 Solid Steam Games For Low-End PC’s

Samuel from Controller Crusade breaks down 5 solid Steam games that you can run on your school laptop or parent's desktop PC, while at the same time not empty your wallet.

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aarogree2451d ago

I was kinda hoping Shovel Knight would make the cut.

2450d ago
Stanjara2451d ago

I can give you better list.
Banner saga, and 2
Darkest dungeon,
Titan souls,
Don't starve,
Hyper light drifter,
Shadowrun returns,

kevnb2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

cuphead runs on a toaster, or even an xbox one.

cerpintaxt442451d ago

1. warband
2. warband
3. warband
4. warband
5. warband


Why No One Understands Undertale's Asgore

Asgore is often reduced to being either a ruthless dictator or an absolute wuss by the fandom, despite being incredibly layered.

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gold_drake5d ago

i think the fanbase knows exactly what hes about lol


The 50 Most Iconic Indie Gaming Moments of All Time

Callum Marshal writes: "I want to catalog some of the best indie gaming moments I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand, and I hope that, in doing so, I unlock a core memory for you. So, without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s list of the best Indie Gaming Moments of All Time!"

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The Binding of Isaac online multiplayer beta offline until further notice after datamining

The online multiplayer beta for The Binding of Isaac is offline until further notice after someone data-mined the latest build.

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