Payday 2 reconfirmed for winter launch on Switch, "special treat" teased

NE: "It’s been awhile since we last heard about the Switch version of Payday 2, as it was announced during a Nintendo Direct several months ago. Today, Overkill Software shared an update. Payday 2 will have a revamped interface on Switch, including usage of the touchscreen. Overkill also teased a “special treat” that will be shared later."

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Neonridr412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

... it does exist

Good news to see that the project didn't get shelved or forgotten about. My guess is they use the word Winter so that if it doesn't release until like February of 2018 it will still count.

strayanalog412d ago

You may be right, but I truly hope you're wrong.

strayanalog412d ago

Glad to hear an update. Finally. With masks being seen so frequent recently, I thought for a moment I would have had grab 3 friends and do our own heist.

blackblades411d ago

All these ports makes it feel like nintendo was so far behind and now they trying to play catch up. How are the sales from previous ports?

Prince_TFK411d ago

Oh yeah let ignore all the new games that they have and will have and let just focus on ports.