New PS3 exclusive game 'Quantum Theory' by Tecmo

Scans from Famitsu showing a new PS3 exclusive Third Person Shooter from Tecmo called 'Quantum theory'. Set to release in 2009.

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PoSTedUP5676d ago (Edited 5676d ago )

damn we just dont stop getting games, its crazy. ; )

ThatCanadianGuy5676d ago

Yeah the days of "PS3 sucks it has no games" are long gone.
Its just smooth sailing in a sea of games from here on out.

kittoo5676d ago

And not so smooth for pockets......

PoSTedUP5676d ago

yup, its amazing how things changed so quickly. gotta love sony.

yea my wallet will be deteriorated after this, month!

my games collection is looking pretty nice right now also : P

kimi_maro305676d ago

someone is copying you and he remove the 420 and replace it with a (is a gay ) and he looks like a 360 fanboy

Lanoire5676d ago

PS3 is truly the PS2.

Does anyone else find it surprising that its from TECMO?

Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive soon to follow?

GiantEnemyLobster5675d ago

The developers of this game wanted to make it for XBOX®360, but it just wasn't good enough for XBOX®360 standards, so Microsoft turned them down. So that left them no choice but to develop it for the ps3... so sad...

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kittoo5676d ago

Sony arent having any conference. There is just something called Sony co*ktail.
What could that be? Sony's way of calling a conference?

sunnygrg5676d ago

Looks badass. Also the chick on the right looks hot.

xhi45676d ago (Edited 5676d ago )

LOL bubbles for the pic man Patridge is hot aye haha

back on topic, madd was this one of the 11 exclusive reveals for the PS3? I don't remember a reveal from Tecmo, because that would mean......12. YAY =D

Neway I'd like to see some video, but for the reveal, screens look great!

The gaming GOD5676d ago

Yes I know they released Rygar on ps2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma on ps3. But with Itagaki around, Tecmo's main efforts were geared to the 360. With him gone, things will open up more

Critical_Hit5676d ago

And it also looks like Itagaki took his F-Cup character designs with him as well. That girl's chest actually looks proportional to the rest of her body.

micro_invader5676d ago

Agreed, she seems more believable.

ape0075676d ago

3rd person

quantum of theory


ps3 exclusive

sounds very interesting

masterofpwnage5676d ago

imean it says Third Person Shooter, but wen u look at the screens it doesnt look anything like a Third Person Shooter. maybe a mix of rpg in there

sonarus5676d ago

Wouldn't get my hopes up, Japanese shooters aren't that great. But i would love to see someone like kojima mess around with an fps game

CBaoth5676d ago (Edited 5676d ago )

The Japanese don't have a clue about shooters. They only invented the cover system (winback) and the stealth genre (mgs), which every modern FPS/TPS employs...
/end sarcasm

meepmoopmeep5676d ago

actually they (mgs) invented 3rd person stealth genre... hehe.

(i got burned once thinking mgs started stealth, but it didn't, it invented AWESOMENESS!!!)


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masterofpwnage5676d ago (Edited 5676d ago )

OMFG im more exited for tgs.

its not even sonys conference and there already announcing games for the ps3 and we also just found out about more info about wks.

imean i wonder wat they have for us ps3 owners in tgs.

truly epic

cmrbe5676d ago

team ICO's game is suppose to be announced with more info on WKS as well as the mysterious (BBC) PS3 game. So yes. Its should get so much better. Oh almost forgot. Konami's game as well which i hope it's ZOE3.