Battleborn's Final Update Saw The Double-Digit Playerbase Shrink By Another 20%

From GameWatcher: "What started as a joke soon became a sudden realization. Battleborn was dead in the water. Releasing alongside Overwatch, Gearbox Software's arena shooter/moba hybrid couldn't fend of Blizzard's FPS entrance despite years of putting out big-name shooters like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms."

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zeal0us410d ago

Don't worry Battleborn, Lawbreakers will be visiting you soon.

410d ago
Nacho_Z410d ago

The double digit playerbase shrank by 20% so there's what, 8 people still playing it?

UnHoly_One410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Nah, it could have been as high as 99, so there would still be like 79 people playing.

I can't believe I just typed that like it was really much better. lol

brokasfawk410d ago

You’d be surprised how many people are still playing it
It’s not a bad game
It just released at the wrong time

I enjoyed it more than Overwatch

KwietStorm410d ago

It said double digit playerbase. Is that wrong?

Blu3_Berry410d ago

Didn't realize this game still had some players on it.

Sgt_Slaughter410d ago

You can buy this at Five Below.

Let that sink in for a sec.

Fearmonkey410d ago

I wanted to love Battleborn, I bought it at launch with the pass and played in the Betas. I loved the campaign but just couldnt get into the non standard moba like multiplayer. I supported it because I loved Borderlands and I cant wait for Borderlands 3.