The PS4’s Lack of Game Preview Is Why We Are Skipping It, Says Deep Rock Galactic Developer

There are many games that skip out on a release on the PS4 and go with an exclusive release on the Xbox One instead. These are all smaller games- titles for which extra sales that the PS4's larger install base might afford would be helpful. And yet, there are many that only release on Xbox One anyway.

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masterfox365d ago

"The lack of a program like Game Preview made it quite difficult for us to find a viable way to do this before full release”
^^^^^Wow so they are upset they can't released an incomplete game on the PS4 ?,and they nicely called this a preview games program ?, wow just wow, if this case they can stay miles away from the PS4 then, I think the least we need is that our PS4 gaming library is full of incomplete games.

Destiny1080365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

steam got 5000 new games last year thanks to this garbage

in saying that I'm really not against it as long as its clearly marked and in a dedicated area, but it looks like sony don't want to deal with this headache

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Kingthrash360365d ago

Is gaming dying? Because stuff is getting more and more dumb by the day.
Take your game and bring it else where. Why are you complaining? You must can't finish the game and want gamers to pay for it while incomplete and the deliver a game that is a shell of the promise.
Go elsewhere, bring the game back when it's complete. Or cancel your game if you can't afford it

morganfell365d ago

"There are many games that skip out on a release on the PS4 and go with an exclusive release on the Xbox One instead"

Stopped reading the propaganda right there.

Eonjay365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Couldn't they just do a demo like dozens of other devs? They are citing a nonexistent problem. Other devs do a beta, but these guys just can't figure it out if its not called Game Preview?

chuckyj1364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Why is it a headache? MS put it in its own little clearly marked section warning gamers the game isn't a full product and a work in progress... doesn't seem difficult to implement or a headache... It helps gamers shape the game... it's not terrible feature to have... But I don't think it should be required either...

FinalFantasyFanatic364d ago

If it's one thing I dislike about Steam, it's sifting through all that garbage, I doubt Microsoft is really picking up alot of those "exclusive" titles and if they did, how may are excited to pay for it? Not everyone can be a PUBG, that was just an outlier in sea of half-assed or incomplete titles.

subtenko364d ago

its more straightforward with playstation, however I do think sony can help to introduce new ideas in a clear and concise update to all of the players know whats up and theres no excuses to be made.

Besides, theres tons of games on ps4 that are complete so aint really missing out on much and we're always getting premium and quality options when it comes to the playstation platform...then of course theres some of the f2p and 'tiny/mobile' game crap that is on there, but at the same time theres lots of QUALITY F2P games there as well. With that said...some of these 'incomplete' games seem more appealing that the crap small indie titles that are really just mobile games. Example: the frozen match em up game.

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agent4532364d ago

Agreed and out of those games that were Early Access only like 5 or less went into full release.

Michiel1989364d ago

Consoles are more about the plug and play out of the box experience without much tinkering with setting or installing. I think Sony doesn't want psn to become clusterfucked with (buggy) early acces games like steam.

Early acces games do have a benefit which is another story, but it doesnt really fit the console market.

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Death365d ago

The Early Access and Game Preview are ways gamers can try a game for FREE before buying. After the free trial gamers can commit and start playing unfinished games or they can wait for the games full release before buying. This gives smaller devs the ability to generate income during the development process and also gives them valuable feedback on a games progress. These programs are both developer friendly and pro-gamer since gamers can try before buying. I'm not sure why any gamer would be against this.

TFJWM365d ago

Very few Early Access games have free trials or demos, you have to buy it before you can play them...You are pretty much paying to beta test a game which is in no way gamer friendly.

yomfweeee365d ago

Early access isn't exactly free. You pay to alpha/beta test.

stuna1364d ago

Have you heard the cover of a book is not necessarily representative of it's actual content.

Death364d ago

Looking on the Xbox Store, Early Preview games like The Culling say "Buy Now" or "Try for Free". I'm not sure where you guys are getting your information.

Teflon02364d ago

Early Access is on PS4 as it is other places and it's almost never free.
What this guy must be talking about is something that's completely in a messy state.

rainslacker364d ago

It's basically just a kickstarter with a product available when you pay, instead of waiting it out for the dev to release a product.

Nothing wrong with kickstarter, or even early access, but I don't think most people care if this dev wants to skip the PS4 because they can't capitalize on the user base before completing their game.

It's their prerogative of course, but the dev could have left out the hyperbole about how PS4 users are losing out on so much because Sony doesn't support early access.

Aceman18364d ago

F that I'm not paying for service just to play some incomplete game lol.

These devs are out their damn minds if they thinking I'm ok with that sh*t lol.

zb1ftw777364d ago

Because you have it wrong.

You have to pay to play them.

agent4532364d ago

Become game developers don't listen what gamers have to say. Two, the game remains incomplete forever to the point it gets canned, forgotten, etc.. Three, unable to pay what you want, pay $15-$30 for an unfinished game is ridicolous; itchio lets gamers pay as much as they want on early access games the way it should be. That way if you spend $5.00 and the game never gets completed then the gamer only loses $5.00 😋. Finally, it would be nice if game developers go silent on early access proyect for more than two months

KillBill364d ago

Yes, most early access has a price associated and yes that price is usually much less than the price when released.

Some can look at it being a very early pre-order at a greatly reduced price. Ark as the best example of a preview game that did very well and offered a great fun game.

As it is we have AAA games like BF1 that are a full release that is going through constant updates and might as well be a preview game with the way they alienated players with all their changes.

PUBG has done wonders on STEAM and likely to do similar on XB1. If you don't like it then don't buy it, simple. Rather have the option than not.

KillBill364d ago

Updated edited reply: (never pause to eat when making an edit... ha)

Yes, most early access has a price associated and yes that price is usually much less than the price when released.

Some can look at it being a very early pre-order at a greatly reduced price. Ark as the best example of a preview game that did very well and offered a great fun game.

As it is we have AAA games like BF1 that are a full release that is going through constant updates and might as well be a preview game with the way they alienated players with all their changes.

PUBG has done wonders on STEAM and likely to do similar on XB1. If you don't like it then don't buy it, simple. Rather have the option than not.

And early access allows for buyers to have more direct input into games progress with built-in feedback hubs on games.

XBox One Insider program also allows early access to select games in work on a purely FREE basis.

Also note, the Xbox Game Preview program differs from other approaches as the early access titles include a free game demo at the current state of development to give players a chance to test the game before buying.

And the best thing about early access is that it allows multiplayer games to earn a following before full release. More often than not increasing the user base over-all and allowing a new Dev team a better chance at success in the said multiplayer realm.

Dlacy13g364d ago

those not understanding Early Access or game preview on Xbox..... the Xbox program requires developers to offer a free trial unlike Steam.

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Kosic365d ago

Worst thing is they can then get the funds from green light sales and run off without delivering a finished product.

KillBill364d ago

A bit more control over that from MS side with their contracts and pre-review of Devs prior to allowing into the system. Not everyone gets automatic allowance into the program.

And for sure it is a lot different than say a funding program. An actual playable game has to be present before even being looked at.

Paytaa364d ago

Sounds like most AAA games nowadays

KwietStorm364d ago

More apologists running to the rescue of the holy PlayStation. Wow just wow. Let's completely ignore the features PS4 doesn't have that could bolster the UX of the platform. Doesn't matter because we got all the exclusivez

Early Access itself doesn't open the floodgates with garbage games. It just allows for people to try the games that do become available early. It's another **option** that would be great to see on PS4, just like a Pro controller, just like EA Access, just like selective asset downloads, and just like cross play. But PlayStation says all these things are bad, so the hive agrees. It's funny they said they made the Pro to entice PC players, yet the PS4 seems more of a closed platform every day. The exact opposite of what a PC gamer would want.

rainslacker364d ago

Out of all the early access games available on steam, what is the percentage of ones available, versus the ones that finished development after being successful in early access?

I'd really like some solid numbers on this, because from what I've seen based on cursory observation, I see more people complaining about these devs who never finish their games. They either are in a constant state of development, or they close up shop to never be heard from again. I'd like to know the real statistics on how many games actually get delivered in a final form, where they can be sold as a final product.

Without said statistics, it's hard to determine if it's a good or bad thing, but I can certainly see why Sony wouldn't want to be annoyed by unhappy customers who get tired of investing in games that never get finished. Kickstarter, and several early access games I can think of have all gotten criticism for never coming to fruition.

So....what are the statistics to say that early access is a good thing.

What I can tell is that most PS4 gamers don't seem to care, and what is obvious is you assume that not caring is somehow being a corporate apologist.

rainslacker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Guess game preview sounds better than "pay us before we finish development"(AKA early access).

To me, a preview is something more like a demo, where they release part of the game as a way to get people hyped up. If you have to pay for it, it's a product.

When the game is done, maybe they'll consider the PS4. If it's good, PS4 gamers may consider buying it. It's their decision, and their reasoning is their own, so more power to them. But don't expect PS4 gamers to lament over the loss of some early access games, when very few of them actually amount to much, and most never exit the early access phase.

FinalFantasyFanatic364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

There are a few early access games I'm interested in, but I'm not plonking down my money until it's finished, hence I've never actually paid for an early access title. At this point, it sounds like PUBG will be one of the few games like that that will end up on the Playstation.

rainslacker364d ago

I have nothing against the premise, but it seems many never get finished, or end up being this constant GaaS. It's basically a episodic type premise, except instead of game play being complete with individual levels being released, it's released ad hoc as the developers get around to things.

It's fine if people want to partake, and fine if developers want to go this route, but the dev shouldn't be soapboxing about it like he was here IMO.

chuckyj1364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

It's a good way developers can get fluid feedback by gamers so the finished product is a much better game than it would have been... nothing wrong with a game preview program... Just because Sony doesn't have it doesn't mean it's bad. I am not saying it's a good reason to skip a release on a different console though...

NarooN364d ago

Early Access on Steam is pretty much straight up AIDS. The amount of absolute trash on Steam is mind-bending and PS4 owners should be glad they don't have to sift thru such trash when they wanna browse a storefront.

spreadlove364d ago

The incomplete PUBG is very popular. In fact, it is the most popular game on Steam breaking all records. Coming to Xbox due to Early Access! 🤤

Early Access is a way for gamers to influence how the game is developed, but yeah keep staying ignorant.

masterfox364d ago

before going crazy for just one game like that unfinished game like PUBG, ask yourself a question, what's the percentage of success of those kind of incomplete games?, yeah I know right that percentage is pretty sad, is not about ignorance is about common sense!.

spreadlove364d ago


Ask yourself this, can you ignore games you do not like?

I thought more games is always better, and part of why people hail exclusives as the second coming of Christ. Maybe it only applies when fanboying?

C-H-E-F364d ago

lmao, preview? why not put the game up as a beta isn't the same? alpha? demo? shhhh NBA Live put up a whole game demo and then scraped the game entirely lOl... Ohhhhh they want to charge us to play an alpha game, so how is that previewing anything? lOl Their games are trash anyways, so we aren't missing anything.

gamer7804364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I don't think your last sentence means what you think it meant. The "least we need" implies that you need at the very "least" more games in preview mode for the system, which is the opposite I believe of the point you are trying to make.

regardless I don't mind there being demos or games in preview as long as it's detailed or organized in a way so its not confused with regular games.

NeoGamer232364d ago

That is like me telling you that mega stores like Walmart shouldn't sell bath towels....


Because there is so much other good stuff in electronics and I don't need that crap.

Game preview is totally optional, and just like walking through a mega store like Walmart, no one is making you buy the stuff you aren't interested in.

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DeadSilence365d ago

Good no need for unfinished garbage on Ps4 anyway, alot of garbage on the Store already.

Plus Fortnite Paragon and much more are on early acess on Ps4 but ok.

LordJamar365d ago

Good lord paragon is still EA? Jesus Christ

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Magic_Spatula364d ago

But aren't all of the Early Access/Beta games on PS4 free to play anyway?

agent4532364d ago

Wait Fortnite still in early access ????

NatFanBoyRestricted364d ago

So you're saying there isn't alot of unfinished games in the store, but theres garbage there already?

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Silly gameAr365d ago

Mad that some people don't want to pay for incomplete games? Oh well, I'm sure you'll find plenty of suckers to support that stuff. Good luck.

LordJamar365d ago

They all have free trails

Liqu1d364d ago

They shouldn't be selling unfinished games in the first place. QA testers get payed to test unfinished games but consumers pay to test unfinished games.

ShadowWolf712364d ago

lmao no they don't

you gotta pay. Usually around $20-$30.

Codedan364d ago

They all usually have like a 1 hour trial on Xbox. People clearly don’t understand that here. If you don’t like Early Access games then don’t buy them it’s plain and simple. The more options a consumer has the better.