Are Single-Player Games Doomed?

Following the recent closure of Visceral Games, the future of its upcoming single-player Star Wars game was called into question. Heavy doubts then arose over EA’s supposed shift away from single-player experiences in general.

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freshslicepizza361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Nothing is doomed. If there is a market someone will will that gap, it's a simple as that.

How can anyone complain in 2017? Horizon, Zelda, Mario, South Park, Shadow of War, XCOM War of the Chosen, Divinity 2, Warhammer 2, Persona 5, the list goes on. Problem is some people just focus all their attention on things like loot crates and microtransactions that most times have no impact and are optional. Those games that are still $60 as they were in 2005 are going to try and find more ways to increase the price. Get used to it or stop buying AAA titles, there are thousands of non-AAA games out there too.

That's the millennial way, I want I want I want.

UCForce361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

The problem is that it has become more common. The U.K government against this microtransaction and loot crates BS. What worse is that younger generation will use this without realizing the real consequences. Parents can teach younger generation not to use it, but some other parents just ignored their children and let them abuse that system.

freshslicepizza361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

More common? Sure in the AAA market. There are hundreds of games released per year yet you guys want to concentrate on maybe 2 or 3 titles that will impact your enjoyment because of them.

It's simple, games today require more peoiple and more investments and longer development time. Why wouldn't they introduce them? People would be just as upset or more upset if games had a base price of $80. You know how much some games costs back in the day on the SNES? Some were $60 and even $70 back then.

Like I say, if people think it's so easy to make money in this business then make your own games.

BenRC01360d ago

So bungie should just keep adding to and monitoring destiny for free then? Or maybe find a way to keep paying the huge team that support destiny 24/7?
I'm all for loot boxes if they're just cosmetic because U DON'T HAVE TO ****ING BUY THEM!!!!!

EatCrow360d ago

And some children ignore parents so.

danoman64360d ago

Maybe, just maybe, those 2-3 games will be the biggest games of the year. The games that will be played the most, sell the most, marketed the most and they get to set a standard for their next games and others that want to see such success could and will copy them. Just because you luck the foresight doesn't mean others don't

freshslicepizza360d ago

It's lack the foresight, not luck and no I don't lack the foresight. People enjoy multiplayer games, that's why they are so popular. The industry also doesn't like the used market which is why high profile developers like Naughty Dog tried online passes and other things to either help curb the used market or to extent the game from being sold right away.

It's simple, the AAA market is highly competitive and very expensive. Don't like it then support the smaller games more.

goken360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

you are right. not doomed by a long shot.

only thing is some big players like ms and EA dialing back on sp games.
like the list of games you listed... none are exclusive on xbo. cuphead is though. but if u looked at the up coming xbo exclusives, sea of thieves, crackdown3, PUBG... it is clear ms's priorities are not on sp games

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Nivekki360d ago

So do a lot of games. What's your point?

FallenAngel1984360d ago

It was being listed alongside other single player only games

Nivekki360d ago

No one buys Uncharted 4 for the MP.

FallenAngel1984360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

You don't know that for 100% fact.

A game with both single player and multiplayer shouldn't be listed in an article like this that's talking about single player only games regardless. That just goes against the entire message the author is trying to make.

BenjaMan64361d ago

Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Metroid Prime 4, Yakuza 0, Horizon Zero Dawn, Hellblade, Persona 5, South Park FbW, Shadow of War, Skyrim, Fallout and others would also beg to differ.

RememberThe357360d ago

You see MS, EA, or Acti anywhere around there? Yeah, screw them.

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