What it's really like making games for Nintendo Switch

It's been eight months since the Nintendo Switch launched. And while its 2017 lineup of games initially looked sparse, the Switch has built up plenty of momentum, with a constant string of game releases, and current and upcoming support from large developers and indies alike. Typically, Nintendo systems struggle in terms of support, for myriad reasons, but it seems the tide has turned with Switch.

Why is that? To get a look at what it’s like developing for Nintendo's newest system, GR+ checked in with four game creators, all of whom recently ported games - or have ports forthcoming - to the Switch. We talked about what it is actually like bringing games to the Switch, and what Nintendo is getting right and wrong. These developers not only know what it is like working with Switch’s hardware, but also how it stacks up against previous Ninty consoles, and current-gen competitors like PS4 and Xbox One. And while this is still the Switch's first year, the creators seem pretty happy with how things are going…

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Lynx0207415d ago

Are there any single player exclusives with interesting story for Switch (besides the Zelda)?

Prince_TFK415d ago

I say go with Golf Story and Stardew Valley. Both are cheap, and while not story heavy, are very fun and addictive. Mario+Rabbid is also another good choice, albeit also abit light on story.

If you want story heavy exclusive game then you gonna have to wait until December when Xenoblade 2 comes out.

3-4-5415d ago

Disgaea 5 is an awesome games. It's a tactics based SRPG, but the story is entertaining, as are the characters, + you could play for 1,000+ hours and still not be finished with the game.

I need to get back to playing it myself but my mind is on Super Mario Odyssey so I'll continue once I've beat that game.

davand114415d ago

Golf story is really really good.

Lynx0207414d ago

I don't know why you disagree with my question. I really wanted to know. And you just answered me, thank you Kun_ADR, 3-4-5 and davand114. Stardew Valley and Disgaea 5 are not exclusives. I have PS4 and middle end gaming PC already. Buying a new console just for a game about golf? No, thank you. I guess Switch is not for me.

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sotaladi415d ago

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vergilxx3415d ago

Good read , i just hope that Panic button will do a good job with rocket league , in the latest video graphics were downgraded a lot i know i know "graphics don't matter"
well i say that for indie games i bought ps vita and switch for good looking AAA games like doom and splatoon 2

franwex415d ago

"This might sound defensive, but I’m bummed some gamers focus on framerate or resolution, and don’t focus on, 'Is it fun?' or 'Does gameplay feel good?'"

I feel the same way...