Looks Like DOOM VFR for PSVR Will Support PSVR Aim Controller

So far we know very little about Bethesda’s DOOM VFR for PSVR, but we may know a little more than we did thanks to the PlayStation Network’s listing of the game.

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Aggesan387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

So cool. After owning PSVR since launch, all I can say is that it's legit. People will always hate on anything just because that's what people do. But for us enjoying it, it's a blast!

generic-user-name387d ago

95% of the people hating on it haven't tried it. Those of us who own it, love it.

387d ago
Venox2008387d ago

Same..happy gaming! :)

On topic.. thats very good news! Love Aim Controller

psforward387d ago

Having an Aim this may now go on my Christmas list...

ILostMyMind387d ago

It would be very stupid if they did not use it.

Phoenix76387d ago

I just managed to get hold of the aim with far point. And it's fantastic. Really changes FPS genre for the better. So glad to hear that doom vfr maybe be supporting it as well

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