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Gran Turismo Sport lacks the impact of earlier entries but it’s a fantastic driving sim that balances millisecond-shaving precision with accessibility.

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timotim2408d ago

I still think this game is scoring too high...6-7 range is where Id put it.


Gran Turismo Sport Has Been Delisted From PS Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment has delisted Gran Turismo Sport from the PlayStation Store as of January 1, 2024.

ApocalypseShadow139d ago

The great digital future. Where games vanish. The benefits of digital just aren't enough over physical to every buy in 100 percent. Especially when my Atari games still work and can be played to this day over 40 years later. Some of these digital games don't even last a whole generation.

purple101139d ago

But in this case everyone who has it still has it

And they unlocked single player to be allowed to progress offline

ApocalypseShadow137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

But in the case of others, they can no longer can buy it or any delisted game. Just like online only games that get their servers turned off and there's no update for offline with bots.

If you like the idea of any digital game being delisted where it's no longer available at all, then you and others are fools. What's all that presentation bullshit guys like you spew?

There should be no reason any digital game should be removed. Ever.

Bathyj137d ago

Apocalypse no one likes it. But let's be clear here.

If you own the game, you still own it. All that's happening here is they are stopped selling it.

Why? I have no clue. But it's the exact same thing if your local best buy isn't stocking the disc anymore and Sony aren't making any more. Same thing, just in the digital realm.

If you want to complain about servers for an online game being shut down, go ahead. But that's a separate topic and can happen to any online game even with a physical disc.

fan_of_gaming137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

@Bathyj "But it's the exact same thing if your local best buy isn't stocking the disc anymore and Sony aren't making any more. Same thing, just in the digital realm."

It isn't the exact same thing at all. When a game gets a physical release, it is always available even if big-box retailers aren't selling it new anymore. For example, I can go on eBay today and buy a new & sealed copy of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron for PS3, because it once had a physical release. However I cannot buy a copy of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron for PS4 today, because it had a digital-only release and was delisted.

If Gran Turismo Sport had a digital-only release, it would be unavailable for anyone to buy ever again. But because it had a physical release, in 5 years someone that wants to play it can still acquire it.

Cacabunga137d ago

People should stand against digitalization

purple101137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I have only brought one or two digital games in my life
Everything I buy is physical

Often from eBay in perfect condition.
Sometimes from a online shop in uk such as


All, who will ship disk to your door on day of release, cheaper than buying from digital store.

Then I either keep, lend, or sell. My choice

No where, did I say I support digital. And yet someone even called me a fool,
Totally misunderstood, some would say, he’s the fool

With GtSport It ISNT being taken away from anyone who already owns it. So this has all got out of hand with people not even reading the article

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DigitallyAfflicted138d ago

Maybe this will make people realise the future of digital-only games

purple101138d ago

This one won’t though
Because it’s not de-listed and taken away from you
It’s just not on sale anymore and the multiplayer will be shut down soon I reckon. It released 2017 so it’s had a fair run of 5 years online multiplayer lobbies

DigitallyAfflicted138d ago

@Purple, but it could be taken away, like p.t. Demo was, as well is taken away from anyone who didn't purchase GTsport in a digital form and yes I know we can still buy disc version and it's not a big of a deal.

My point is that you can't own something if it's not physical, with digital-only content you pay for the right to download and use and possibly in the future there will be some laws regulating you rights to it…

blackblades138d ago

I mean y'all been whining about that since the ps3 era. To this day im still able to play all the games I payed for.

ApocalypseShadow137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

It won't. Fools like purple think that just because they can still download it now, that it's safe. I've bought multiple games on console and mobile that are no longer downloadable or function. Because the game was either delisted or since it was connected to the Internet, no longer works because the servers were shut down turning those games into coasters. With no update to be able to play some games offline with bots. They're gone.

He won't get it or care until it happens to him and some of his games are delisted and removed or don't work any more even if he "bought it "

EvertonFC137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

If you don't keep your old consoles, your physical disk will be useless too. Do you think console hardware or disk drives will be around in 20 years. Good luck with that.
I'm not saying it's right btw, just pointing out to the physical crowd that digital and physical are very alike when it comes to actually being able to play the games in the future like 20 years time.
When I'm in my care home, I don't expect to be able to play my old digital or physical collection as consoles won't be around or disk drives for playstation.
Unless your keeping the old consoles safe in the attic over time, nobody will be playing there old physical game collections.

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EvertonFC137d ago

If you bought a physical launch day copy of GTS you still won't be able to download any of the updates in 20 years when servers are off.
Plus there will be no such thing as a disk drive or a hardware box for that matter in 20 years unless you keep your old consoles.
My point is sadly your physical or digital copy won't work.

Barlos137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I see this as the digital equivalent of physical games going out of print. They don't continue to make copies forever, at some point they will stop making it, usually when sales dry up and I guess for GT sport that happened some time ago. Also, in the digital world, storage space is not infinite. If a game is no longer selling, why would they waste space on keeping it available?

For those that already own the digital version, they will still have access to it.

frostypants137d ago

I generally agree, but GT Sport is primarily an online game. They probably have some reluctance to deal with the blowback of selling an online-oriented game that may not have active servers much longer. Admittedly that's a whole other issue in itself.

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Father__Merrin137d ago

Online based titles like this I wouldn't expect to last forever as the game has been updated iterations as in gt7

Same with if FIFA 20 was delisted as example there's update to game. If something like Uncharted collection was delisted then that's something that's bad

Agent75137d ago

You pay stupid money for digital games and DLC, then it goes missing. Who's laughing?

shinoff2183137d ago

Physical games for yet another win.


Gran Turismo Sport End of Online Services

On January 31, 2024, at 06:00 UTC, the online services of the PlayStation®4-exclusive software “Gran Turismo Sport” will come to an end.

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shadowT237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Time to get a PS5! New PS5 owners in the USA can currently claim a game for free, but GT7 is not part of this promotion.

purple101237d ago

GT sport was good. Gt7 is better.

For someone who was crap at racers (and still is) and only played kart racers with powerups, I can say GT sport and gt7 balance SIM/ arcade racing to perfection. Easy enough for anyone to play and not crash but with enough depth to master for years.

Totally different to need for speed / Forza handling where the cars feel 'floaty'.

The dualsense is just supreme with gt7 toi

badz149236d ago

So...will they enable offline saves now or what?

VariantAEC231d ago

From Gran-Turismo.com (the article liked above): "All existing cars and personalized Car Settings kept in Garage will be accessible. Gameplay progression required as normal to unlock additional cars and items."

So... yes, as far as I can tell you'll still be able to use all your collected and purchased cars and race on all the tracks in the game and unlock ones you might not already have access to. That's what I'm getting from the post, but time will tell if this actually comes to pass February 1st, 2024.

Agent75236d ago

After Turismo 4 on the PS2, the series was never the same. Although Turismo 4 wasn't a finished game and didn't play as good as Turismo 3. Turismo 5 on PS3 was a mess, Turismo 6 was Turismo 5 finished. Sport on PS4 was another mess, especially VR mode. Sort of back on track with Turismo 7, but so tiring as with the Forza series. Anyone remember the PSP version that had no championship mode? Turismo has always been average at best.

OmegaSoldati236d ago

Thats why i dont like online only games. Cant believe this, this game sold so well. You need to be a fanboy to keep supporting Sony after this. Bought this thinking that it would take 10 years for this. I'm lucky that there are enough classics and single players for a life time.

VariantAEC231d ago

Looks like PD has the potential to set the bar for closing out always online games.
Back when GT Sport launched you couldn't do anything when you couldn't access the servers, but it looks like GT Sport will retain access to SP race modes, custom races, VR, your full garage, and all tracks. This is much more than what was available at launch if offline.

We still will lose custom liveries and race suits, which is nonsense, but hey if you share them online now they will be in the cloud and available to you in GT7 if you're interested. Basically, we lose MP, but players keep everything we earned and whatever was paid for.