Sony Sends Out Second University of Oxford-Partnered Gran Turismo Survey

Sony has sent out another Gran Turismo survey in partnership with the University of Oxford that focus on wellness and how gamers react to stress.

MonsterChef767d ago

interesting questions. I asked the Dr. that is heading this research to see if he can send me his paper and results. He said ..sure thing.


GranTurismo World Series 2022 | World Finals | Nations Cup | Regional Finals

30 of the world's top GT drivers arrive in Monaco after a highly competitive 2022 Series. They must now navigate a regional qualifying group featuring drivers from their home regions for a place at the Grand Final.
12 drivers from each respective group including the top three from Asia-Oceania, Americas, and Europe/Middle East/Africa groups, and the top three from the Repechage will qualify for the Grand Final.


Gran Turismo Sport Fully Playable Offline With Saving Enabled Thanks to Modders

Gran Turismo Sport can be played fully offline and with saving enabled thanks to modders, though you need a jailbroken PS4.


The Best Racing Games on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2021

What are the best racing games? From Gran Turismo to Mario Kart, here are the best driving games you can play right now.

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Yi-Long702d ago

Best racing game last gen, for me, was the excellent Driveclub, without a single doubt. Flawed launch perhaps, but they more than made up for that.

Dirt 2 GOTY (the base-game was a bit too empty, but the GOTY is packed with content) also deserves a mention, for fans of the genre.