Naughty Dog Tells Us What Makes Good Multiplayer Design

Naughty Dog has released a video detailing its ideology towards making multiplayer modes in its various titles such as Uncharted and The Last of Us.

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-Foxtrot459d ago

The best multiplayer they ever did was Uncharted 2...and it's never been topped

Instead they went from this amazing, simple, skill based online game which played almost exactly like the single player to over the top, crazy, gimmick like multiplayer generic modes which you can find in every other multiplayer game out there where it becomes what you've unlocked rather then skill.

I mean take the Last of Us, why on earth would you include an in game store menu which let you buy armor and other things when the single player is set in a world where resources and supplies are low? With Uncharted 2 it was just like the single player except you had two small boosters which make useless later on when you had gotten used to the game and leveled up to their name "boosters".

Then they decided to add an in game store menu to Uncharted 4 with awful NPCs to help you, loadouts, weapon mods, paid boosters. Classic Mode was added too late and isn't perfect but it's better then they main stuff they wasted time on during development. I mean if they had a rough spot during Uncharted 4s development with Hennig leaving and the like why didn't they just do something like Uncharted 2 which would have required less time to balance with how simple and straight forward it was and work on the single player more so it wouldn't have been as stressful with the reshuffling. Just my take on it.

Uncharted 2 showed us and multiplayer games that less is more

Sciurus_vulgaris459d ago

I too dislike Uncharted 4 mp. I personally think shooters with long kill times shouldn’t have loadouts, boosters, and LMAO...side-kicks. Uncharted 2 mp was much better than 4s imo.

-Foxtrot458d ago

Yeah it was about skill. You didn't have gimmicks to rely on and if you were pinned down you couldn't go "Oh I'll spawn a sidekick", "oh I'll spawn a mystical" or even "meh, even though we are using the same weapons he's a lower level, my Assault rifle with 2 weapon mods will manage to outgun him before he kills me first". It was basically skill vs skill and if you died you had no one to blame but yourself, not what better things they had unlocked over you.

freshslicepizza458d ago

Uncharted 2 was good until they started doing this,

AspiringProGenji458d ago

Well there’s a classic mode with weapon pick ups, no bosters, no sidekicks, and no nothing. And it is great

-Foxtrot458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I did say it's right there, I even elaborated on it.

"Classic Mode was added too late and isn't perfect but it's better then they main stuff they wasted time on during development"

Classic Mode was alright, but it's not as great as's making the best out of a bad situation. They knew people hated the changes in Uncharted 3 so you'd think they would think either go

1) "Well they didn't like the new stuff we added in Uncharted 3, they wanted it like Uncharted 2 so we had to turn Hardcore Mode into a Classic Mode a year or so after launch, that wasted a lot of time...I KNOW lets just make Uncharted 4s multiplayer like Uncharted 2s"


2) "We've done things differently again for Uncharted 4 and like Uncharted 3 it's going to disappoint people...I KNOW lets add a Classic mode like Uncharted 2 right now so it can be ready for launch OR will be ready a few months after as one of our big updates"

You know what I's like they were too stubborn or they didn't give a shit. They literally thought everyone was going to love it despite not learning from their arrogant attitude from Uncharted 3s I said they had to change/rename an entire mode. Hardcore to Classic.

Classic Mode in Uncharted 4 didn't even have weapons laying around on the map, we were just expected to pick up peoples guns. Not to mention the grenade recharge was still there...

Sciurus_vulgaris458d ago

The classic mode in UC 4 isn't classic at all. There are barely any weapons on map, grenades recharge, and people can spawn in with much stronger guns than their opponents.

Rimeskeem458d ago

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THINK. Although I personally loved TLOU MP I think uncharted 2 is the best for the simple matter of skill over substance. You needed to know the maps, verticality, weapon drops, game mode, etc. You couldn’t rely on dumb boosters or in store credit to save you.

-Foxtrot458d ago

Only thing they really had to change was some boosters like Situational Awareness...they didn't, they decided to split it up into three things for Uncharted 3 and still have something like it in Uncharted 4

Another thing which would have made the multiplayer even better was if they randomized the heavy weapons. How many times did we all start a match only for everyone to rush towards the grenade launcher, rocket launcher or desert eagle. If they randomized the locations at the start of each match and continued to do this every time they spawned to a variety of locations then it would split people up more.

lelo2play458d ago

Naughty Dog should change their name to Miramax and put Harvey Weinstein as their president.

lelo2play458d ago


Try to connect the dots.

Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations...
Naughty Dog sexual allegations...

Don't tell me you haven't heard of them?

Dark_Knightmare2457d ago

Move along troll Harvey Weinstein has been proven to be guilty with cold hard evidence and so ND hasn't been proven guilty if anything after kotakus articles it seems more likely they are innocent and the dude who had a mental breakdown is just I don't know

bluefox755457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

No, Weinstein has recorded proof of sexual harassment. ND has an allegation from one person with zero evidence to substantiate it. That doesn't mean they didn't do it, but it's irresponsible to smear someone without some actual proof.

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Wintersun616458d ago

The Last of Us MP is awesome. The in game menu didn't bother me at all. Usually I just bought a weapon upgrade or armor while waiting to respawn.

Uncharted 4 was a different story. There was just too much stuff shoehorned in to it, that I only played it for a couple of hours and left it at that.

MegamanXXX458d ago

I actually thought the last of us multiplayer was better


As someone who has put months into the mp of uc2 you are VERY CORRECT. SPOT ON. Not to mention their newer games feature some of the worst microtransactions. Naughty dog are no mp experts

DialgaMarine457d ago

Personally, I found UC4’s and TLoU’s multiplayer to be spectactular.

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RAM0N 459d ago

Naughty dog multiplayer 🤢

AspiringProGenji458d ago

TLoU MP is pretty amazing. Uncharted has been a hit and a miss. I think U4 MP is just alright

RAM0N 458d ago

Tlou started good but naughty dog messed it up with all the updates.

458d ago
GamesMaster1982458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

I know i have the platinum on all naughty dog games on PS4 except The Last Of Us, as it was too much online for me. Maybe play one round or two yeah, but full grind with each faction online hell no. So ill never platinum The Last Of Us now. Shame

DialgaMarine457d ago

It doesn’t take that long. It’s 84 matches as each faction, for a total 168 for platinum. That number is so much lower than it sounds if you’re talking about a game that has great multiplayer.

GamesMaster1982456d ago

Might not take long but FFFFF that. I bought an amazing game for the amazing story and that is all. If you F'cks want a online proper game then buy a Fing proper online dick fest.

TankCrossing458d ago

In all its peer 2 peer glory.

GamesMaster1982456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

What so i could do it all with just my nephew or cousin ? instead of playing rounds after round and losing ? Also look i dont think it is a bad thing at all, its just i just cant be chewed to prestige levels and shit at my age when i have other stuff.

Pandamobile458d ago

This video is a good reminder of how awesome it is to work on games. Seeing the collective effort of hundreds of people build towards something that is fun to play is pretty good reason to go into work every day ready to get shit done.

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NotoriousWhiz458d ago

Best multiplayer shooter was Socom 2. I'd pay a ridiculous price to be able to play that again (without cheaters)

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