PlayStation Reveals The Future Of VR

Victory Point: PlayStation's Virtual Reality turned one year's old today, and they have made an announcement of what the future will be like for VR.

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_LarZen_365d ago

The future is not one thing. It has many paths and VR is one of them.

81BX365d ago

Agreed. The path in gaming is more than vr/4k!

JackBNimble365d ago

I can agree that the future of gaming as a whole is more then just VR or 4k.
But it's not going anywhere anytime soon either.

AdonisIsBeast365d ago

The future is going out and smelling the fresh air with a pikachu in the distance while holding a togepi in your front baby carrier while you search for Charmander as you hike up mount doom.

Literally speaking of course

jlove4life364d ago

Thats like saying the future not ps5 of course it is psvr is being promoted like a console though its and attachment aka peripheral of ps4 no one is saying psvr will replace flat gaming i love psvr and dont want it all the time in every game but psvr is the future meaning another way to enjoy the greatness that is PlayStation right now and more greatness awaits

Gman32364d ago

I disagree i think VR is here to stay

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varowore365d ago

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nowitzki2004365d ago

Thats amazing!! Those web cams were a great investment I guess.

mafiahajeri365d ago

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RememberThe357364d ago

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Apocalypse Shadow366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

The future was revealed one year ago with PSVR release. No other medium comes close to the immersive feeling of being in VR. Flat screen gaming is still great but has lost some of its luster when you have flown in the air, flown in space, driven a car or had a taste of first person combat in VR. Some flat screen games now seem boring or limited because of VR. It's so compelling if you can manage being able to play in VR that it's hard to go back.

As for games, 100 games and experiences and the announcements keep coming with another 60 games by early next year. That's a lot of content in such little time but great games are already being offered. Everyone has their favorite list of games they bought or are looking forward to. So I'll just say

"Keep it coming Sony." Immerse me some more.

shaggy2303365d ago

I agree VR is great, there are truly amazing games made specifically for VR that could only work in VR.

However not all games work in VR, for example FPS.

Yes there are some FPS out that done in VR, but they all pretty much have one thing in common, they lock the player to the spot, only allowing you to warp to where you want to move to.

The reason for this is that a lot of people get really bad motion sickness if they allow you to move around like you can on a normal FPS. About the only way around that is by having a full walking rig system where you can fool your brain into thinking your actually walking forward, instead of your eyes telling you your walking but your brain saying "no were not, were sat on a couch".

Vizigoth04365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Yeah for those that struggle with motion sickness are at a huge disadvantage when playing VR and having to walk. I thought though that Farpoint had good controls even playing on Dualshock 4 is was engaging and fun. The wife took one step towards a cliff and was like nope I'm done lol.

S2Killinit365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Not all FPS lock you. Farpoint for example does not. Also, even when they lock you in place or allow you to teleport, it doesnt mean the experience is not amazing. For example i believe Doom will be like that but VR offers something to FPS that a tv doesnt. So while its not the same experience, its definitly an experience of its own.

Problem with VR is that they cant show you what VR does, on a 2d screen and so some people looking at a VR ad dont understand how great it looks inside VR.

OB1Biker365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I think people can overcome their motion sickness if the game allows it.
Just need to go carefully. Like when your learning to swim.

The 10th Rider365d ago

"The future was revealed one year ago with PSVR release."

Meh, first gen VR is already old and archaic considering the tech people have been working on on the VR space. There's wireless VR, cameraless VR, and many other improvements already in the works. PSVR was a nice start but to say it revealed the "future" of VR is pure hyperbole.

UltraNova365d ago

You take things too seriously...PSVR paved the way to the future when it comes to console/living room VR. Now it all comes to down to both devs and consumer to choose (or not) this path.

pody365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

That seems sad if you can't go back after playing VR. Almost like it ruined normal gaming for you. :(

It does however make me pretty hype to try it out if the experience is that immersive.

Apocalypse Shadow365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Pody, I can still play them. I still plan to play Spiderman, HZD Frozen Wild, Detroit, etc. But in the back of your head, you will wish some of the games were in VR in some fashion. It's a strange but awesome thing if you can handle VR.

It's like playing a racing game compared to driving a real car down the California coast. Driving the real car has your full attention and is more interactive. More immersive. VR is the closest way of "being there" without "being there."

Or take the AIM controller. Shooting with a controller and shooting with what looks like a rifle in your hands in VR are totally different. The immersion of holding it and seeing it in VR makes most shooters seem lacking. Have you ever played The House of the Dead, Virtual Cop or Time Crisis in the arcade with guns? Which is better? Playing on a controller or with that simulated plastic gun?

That's what I mean. The more you play in VR, you'll see that limitation of flat screen gaming. Just ask anyone who's played RE7 in VR and on a flat screen TV. Their impressions will tell you that VR is better and scarier.

Xenophon_York365d ago

Obviously there are enough gamers who enjoy VR to keep it going.

It Is an uphill battle rejoicing PlayStation VR against ignorant, negative word-o-mouth spread by envious, cash-strapped gamers. And while, yes, there are some of you who have VR and claim don't like it, there are ten times more who do.

This is the fan zone—and we're here to suggest you haters blow off.

Vizigoth04365d ago

Agreed. I don't have one and have only used one a couple settings from my brother and it is an addicting experience. Love it. I beat Rush of Blood. The Batman game. Some Farpoint. I'm a little scared to play Resident Evil 7 but might have to put my big boy underwear on and give it a go. Soon I will buy one. Soon.

hamburgerhill365d ago

I love playing games in VR and can't wait to play shooters like RB6 on it one day. do we know ten more people VR over disliking it?

Xenophon_York365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Partly from how much energy PlayStation is putting into it—Sony wouldn't be pushing this many VR games/experiences next year if PSN servers showed only one or two hundred thousand players enjoying it. Also there are tons of articles and reports about it. So, it has a considerable amount of attention.

I'm looking forward to see if Sony and/or third party make apps to allow compatibility with whatever Facebook is coming up with (or YouTube/social media in general).

Venox2008365d ago

Well I gues Bravo team game probably will be for you then (especially with aim controller support) ..and if I remember correctly Team alpha or something like that..good times coming for PSVR :) (Well..they already good..but will be even better) :)

FernDiggidy365d ago

I bought one and returned it a couple days after. Wasn't for me. But I will def give it a shot again in the future.

ccgr365d ago

The the cost goes down the VR market will grow

Vizigoth04365d ago

This was barely news. Old and just a smidge of the real news. Love PSVR though.

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