Which Dragon Ball Game Is Your Favorite?

One of the most prolific game series in existence despite being licensed, Dragon Ball has seen its fair share of the good, the bad, and the why did they even bother.

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DirtyPete1433d ago

I'm a Xenoverse guy but I never tried FighterZ

PhoenixUp1433d ago

Of course you haven't played Dragon Ball FighterZ, it's not even out yet

DirtyPete1433d ago

lol i know that I guess I worded that wrong sorry x) Ive been to some events and seen it but the lines were too long to get close enough to it. looks sweet though.

PhoenixUp1433d ago

Most games by Arc System Works end up being sweet

XisThatKid1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

DBZ Legends I think FighterZ is a distant second. Then Xeno games

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Summons751433d ago

legacy of Goku. Still, want a console-style game like that instead of fighter #9837648932. I remember a lot of good times with the Budokai games on gamecube, Xenoverse was pretty fun but I joined too late so trying to play online was nearly impossible and Future Trunk's new voice actor was so terrible I didn't want to play the story. FighterZ looks freaking awesome, can't wait for that. Did not believe my friend when he told me about the rumor of a Blazblue style DBZ game and the E3 footage did not disappoint.

InKnight7s1433d ago

DBZ Saga is pretty much Legacy style on console. But yeah modern one would be epic and awesome.

1433d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.