Amazon October Weekend Game Sale: Save Up To 75% Off

It’s the weekend, which means, we all will have two days off. That’s plenty of time to enjoy playing video games but games are expensive. That’s why we’re here to keep you updated on your video game deal news.

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TGG_overlord2413d ago

Good deals, but I'm already drowning in games to review :P

Xenophon_York2413d ago

Finally, one of these stories has something I'm interested in. Those Mass Effects should go fast. What the heck is "Silver Case?"

Sgt_Slaughter2413d ago

The Redout deal is only for Prime members, that's a bummer.


Microsoft's Absurd Antics Have Me Scared For Dishonored And Arkane Lyon's Future

With Arkane Austin no more and Lyon living for who knows how long, the superb Dishonored is in serious danger; Microsoft cannot be trusted.

Relientk7710d ago

I love the Dishonored series so much and really want Dishonored 3. Microsoft better not screw this up.

JEECE10d ago

I mean, I think the fans will probably kill Arkane Lyon by cooking up reasons to hate whatever they do next without playing it. I've never seen a game so artificially disliked as Deathloop.

thesoftware73010d ago

Lol, why don't we just say, we are worried about all studios owned by MS now. They will keep closing studios until they have none left ...🙄

Skuletor9d ago

Just merge them all into a single studio, have it churn out a single Call of Duty every year and call it a day, lol.

Barlos9d ago

Don't be scared, you'll be fine.

Skuletor9d ago

It's exputer, fine is one word I would not associate with them.

Profchaos9d ago

I think it's becoming clear based on matt bootys comments there's no future for any IP that can't sell above 10 million within the launch window. But is also a small game that gives them prestige

/S it's beyond a joke right now

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Trevor Walker said: Fighting games have always been able to simultaneously experiment and innovate while staying true to their roots in the best of ways. Mechanics change, crossovers take place, and evolution occurs. One of the best examples of all three can be seen in the coveted guest character.

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Tekken 8 vs Tekken 7 – 15 Changes You Need to Know

The newest Tekken title is out soon and signifies a massive leap over Tekken 7. Here are some of the biggest game-changing differences.

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