YesOjo is Working on a Nintendo Switch Projector

The Ojo Projector will allow you to take your Nintendo Switch on the go and provide a large screen for groups of players to enjoy their games on.

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nitus10367d ago

Nice and you can pretty much plug any HDMI compatible device but so far I can't find a price.

You can buy a battery operated projector for your PS4 or XB1 now which effectively means the PS4/PS4pro and XB1s/XB1x which are small and fairly portable can be used for gaming when you get there. Actually, if you wish to game when you get there with the PS4 or XB1 you probably don't need a battery operated projector if mains power is available.

Somehow I very much doubt that gaming on the go is easy to do with the Ojo Projector since the four-hour battery life is limiting. In addition, I doubt you could use the projector in a car, plane or train without annoying other passengers.

Still, the best of all worlds would be the ability to take your Switch plus a PS4 and/or XB1 and be able to play them when you get to your destination without having to rely on a TV being there.

ThatDudeMunkee366d ago

I'm actually excited for this thing. I think the Ojo Projector can definitely make it so you can take gaming on the go anywhere you want to be. I hope that it actually takes advantage of the USB ports, etc, by letting us use the suggested controllers as you stated. Would be fun for sure.

indyman7777365d ago

I'm with you not only will a person have a portable device but now even big screen playing will be portable because you will not need a power source. Nice to see damage control is in full force down playing the projector.