eBay Delisting Virtual Property from Auctions

Speaking to representatives from online auction house eBay, Slashdot confirmed what they were worried about: the online auction hub is canceling auctions for virtual property. Slashdot says: "This includes currency, items, and accounts/characters; not even the 'neopoints' used in the popular Neopets service is exempt from this decision."

Looking at the issue closer, Slashdot found that this policy is actually just the enactment of eBay's existing policy about the sale of virtual goods. The seller must be the owner of the underlying intellectual property, or authorized to distribute it by the intellectual property owner.

While you might own the time you spent leveling that Shaman to 70 in World of Warcraft, Blizzard still owns the "underlying intellectual property," and under eBay's rules -- you can't sell it.

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