The Evil Within 2 – watch the first hour of gameplay and try not to freak out

The Evil Within 2 certainly starts as it means to go on. Spoilers, obviously.

If you can’t wait for the Friday 13th release (oooOOOOOoooooo!) of The Evil Within 2 this week then we’ve got just what you need. The first hour of gameplay, covering Chapters 1 and 2.

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gantarat1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

i already watched 6 chapter i like that seb have more reaction to environment (when sundenly change to other location ) than first game "What The ..." (but it's not late to say that ?)

DarkOcelet1946d ago

Gotta resist watching this. Only two more days.

-Foxtrot1946d ago

Did you get the special bundle of it...I don't know if it's only a GAME UK thing

DarkOcelet1946d ago

Just the standard game only. Am gonna play the shit out of this game after tomorrow for sure.

UltraNova1945d ago

I'm going through the Amnesia Collection. Then this baby is up next! October just demands for non-stop horror!

-Foxtrot1946d ago

Ah right, I thought you would have went all out with the Steelbook, T-Shirt and the metal sign of Union XD

DarkOcelet1945d ago

Sadly none of this stuff is available where I am and shipping them would be expensive as hell so I opted for just game.

-Foxtrot1944d ago

I'm going to post this incase you like it...I think it's amazing

They released the OST today. It's the full cover song from the trailer

DarkOcelet1944d ago

Heard it already 3 times today. It's superb!

Just a few more hours :)

Enjoigamin1946d ago

Is the first one worth it? I never played it.

Enjoigamin1946d ago

Cool I'll have to give it a shot. Not much for horror but there's a first time.for everything

Kosic1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I tried it on Pc when it came out. It was very much like resident evil 4, well it reminded me a lot like re4 meets silent hill (for the blood and gore).

I gave up shortly into it as it played to similar to re4 and it felt that was all they had going for it.

bluefox7551945d ago

I liked the first game, but didn't find it all that scary. Hopefully they ramp it up in this one.

Crazyglues1945d ago

Yeah from what I have seen they didn't really bump up the scary, which was something I would have loved, so kinda bummed about that but I guess I'll still get it.. -But if they would have made it really scary that would have been awesome...

Ever since playing P.T. demo... I have wanted a really scary game so bad... but I guess were just not going to get one..

The_Sage1945d ago

I kept my old hard drive because PT is on it. I might have to run through that again soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.