Get Excited for EA’s A Way Out Coop Game – It’s Classically Different

The A Way Out coop game looks exactly like what the video game industry needs. EA Games is releasing a cooperative game titled “A Way Out”. This game honors couch coop play where two gamers work together on a narrative on escaping prison. This game looks absolutely incredible so far. The best part is, there are no gimmicks; just a player or two and the game.

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TheSuperior 1999d ago

This was actually my most anticipated game after I saw it at E3. I love the multiplayer games out there and I love online play but it feels good to see a game like this on slate for release. I'll buy in for sure because its my preferred way to play, couch coop with my family.

GamesMaster19821999d ago

Agree with this. couch coop is my type of coop.

TheSuperior 1999d ago

Its how I grew up and Im so glad to see a game honor that but still be modern and cool. Like dont get me wrong I love side scrollers but every modern couch coop doesnt need to be a side scroller.

camel_toad1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Besides thinking the game looks like it could be a good one I also hope it does well so that we might get more local coop games. They are too rare these days.

crazychris41241999d ago

I'm sure EA will find a way to add microtransactions to this too

freshslicepizza1999d ago

And if it doesn't are you going to not buy it just because it's an EA game?

guywazeldatatt1999d ago

This looks very interesting! I’m excited!!!!

TheSuperior 1999d ago

Yeah its one of my off-the-wall favorites right now. Hopefully it stands up to what we've seen so far :)

TheOttomatic911998d ago

This game looked rad at E3 can't wait till it comes out me and my cousin are gonna binge play the shit out of this game.

oasdada1998d ago

is it just me or the dude on the right looks like nathan drake and i mean like ALOT

gangsta_red1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

He's white, wears a shit and pants...definitely looks like Nathan Drake!

rdgneoz31997d ago

He looks like an older Nathan Drake. In the shrunk down version, my first thoughts were "Drake?" Zoomed in, it looks like an older Nathan Drake with the aging face.

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The story is too old to be commented.