'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Depicts The America That Almost Was

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, from Bethesda Softworks, we learn of an alternate history in which the allies lost WW2; a dark fantasy we came dangerously close to.

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OpenGL469d ago

It's not really the America that almost was, the Germans were never close to invading the United States.

morganfell469d ago

You know how it is when people avoid actually learning history and instead rely on the news, video games, and movies.

EatCrow467d ago

LOL right?!
The biggest fad right now is that communism wasnt done right...these people need to wake up.

@That Dude

Its a hypothesis. And no, not all historians have hypothesized as much. Historians themselves are concerned with going against mainstream media and mainstream knowledge.

You're insane if you think the middle east would have fallen.
The US has tried to keep that place under control and no matter what presence or military power they show. Its still impossible.

ThatDudeMunkee468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

You may need to actually pick up a few history books. It's been proven time, time, and time again that had Japan not attacked Pearl Harbor, we would have never entered the war. Japan and Germany would've claimed victory in Russia by the end of the Russian winter, allowing Russia to win that part of the war. Eventually, they would claim key victories in countries such as Austria, Hungary, and much of the Middle East would have been possible after a short recovery period.

Historians have all hypothesized that WWII would have ended up on our home turf had we never joined the war. History books and education can do a lot when you look away from the school books, etc, and read the plausible outcomes of a war.


Journalists do do research before they write. The article is very clear that research has been done. Even if trimmed down for editors purposes.

ThatDudeMunkee468d ago

allowing Germany to win that part of the war*

FTANK467d ago

The most crucial flaw in your argument is that you're trying to argue "proven" through the use of hypotheticals. It also doesn't help when you start treading into the use of media that crosses the threshold into propaganda when using sources like the Washington Post, who routinely engage in revisionism of reality never mind the past.
They have no business lecturing about what butterfly effect catalyst could have diverged the paths that WW2 took when they were bullshitting us about Saddam's "yellowcake", Assad's chemical weapons, and throwing around terms like "fascist" around to smear someone with no political history while sanitizing efforts of nationalization, corporatism, incorporation of Marxism, all the collectivism, the authoritarian/totalitarian approach to bring about the aforementioned, and down to eugenics from the other end of the USA's faux-political spectrum and status quo.
As fun as it could be to read, it's not journalism- it's riding on the coattails of a piece of fiction in the hopes of clicks

ThatDudeMunkee467d ago

Isn't such a thing theoretical to begin with? And if so, why is it appalling that historians, even ones I've sat in and watched, openly discussed what America could have been like? Sure we wouldn't have seen the German technologies within the games, but what if we did see their ruling hit the United States? What if Einstein never came to the United States and helped create the bombs we dropped on Nagisaki and Hiroshima?

I'm sorry that my ideology in theoretical history for this piece didn't interest you. You would have you known the topic was actually well thought out, discussed, and entrenched in constant edits to provide a suitable topic for discussion. The idea of journalism is research. This was an opinion piece, thus an opinion I wrote. Some may not like it, cool, that's good for them, but not everyone will. Not everyone will share the same ideology or even form of curiosity. The idea is to open platforms for discussion, which this apparently has whether one agrees with it or not.

Tankbusta40467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

The problem with this "theory" is the sentence where you claim the fight would have been brought to America's door. The logistical challenge that would have faced Germany and Japan to actually invade America is beyond astronomical. It proves how little knowledge people have in the logistical nightmares of troop movement(and supply lines etc), not to mention an amphibious invasion(Normandy was pulled off despite horrendous nightmares from one country extremely close to another) Imagine the nightmare of trying to coordinate this across the Atlantic and or Pacific Ocean, dodging weather and hit and run tactics that surely would have happened.

*****This statement is made without assuming Germany creates the bomb and wipes out the coasts before hand and is based off of pure warfare and technology at hand at the time*****

Also in this day and age I would caution anyone to assume "journalists" are professionals in their craft anymore and research topics objectively without throwing in personal bias. I cannot think of many journalists since the 2000 election that has been able to consistently be objective on anything.

Tankbusta40467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Also all of your sources completely forget that before Pearl Harbor almost half the USA was in favor of joining the Germans in WW2(Charles Limburgh and many German Americans) . Hitler tried extremely hard to lobby as an ally... Invasion just isn't likely at all no matter which way you slice it. Just because there is a popular show on TV now based on a book that doesn't account for many things doesn't make it likely.

Japan also really had no beefwith the USA(aside from Perry showing up with the black ships. And ending isolationism) and really only joined the Axis because they were disrespected by the European powers at the Treaty of Versailles to end WW1

Tankbusta40467d ago

Japan would have also tried to have taken over all of China(you know their sworn enemies) before event thinking of joining any invasion of America.

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FTANK467d ago

We're already on the way there through progressivism, just a slower burn.

FTANK467d ago

looks like at least 2 people had their nerve struck and are in denial

wonderfulmonkeyman467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

No it doesn't.
I can promise you that Germans would never have had that kind of tech even if they HAD taken over.XD
This is a fantasy universe. Nothing less, and certainly not a glimpse into how things would have been had Hitler won IRL.
If anything, things would be far more violent and chaotic than now had he won, which is ironic considering the current political climate and all of the horrible riots happening everywhere trussed up as "peaceful protests".

Also, not that it matters/is related in any way, but do you know who else was a progressive?
Jack Krauser from RE4.

marloc_x467d ago

Looking forward to Swastikas on my Switch..👊

Pantz467d ago

Wouldn't Japan have invaded? I'd be ok with it if they brought their Idols over.