Golden Garbage: Ni no Kuni II Has a Money Problem (PSLS Preview)

"Ni no Kuni II adds something to the PS3 game's formula that ends up hurting more than it helps. Sometimes less truly is more." -PSLS

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Soulst0rmer2183d ago

Wow. What a poorly written article. It just goes on and on with profanity and whining. Then the person who wrote this piece of crap talks about how they didn't put any effort into even trying to enjoy it. Bad articles.

Xerneas2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


If you don't like something, what are you supposed to say?

UCForce2183d ago

It's about how they handle their opinion. This article is poorly execute.

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S2Killinit2183d ago

Im super excited for this game.

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guyman2182d ago

Yea this is a horseshit article.

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antikbaka2182d ago

The author has a point, and by observing lots of game material a came to conclusion that nino kun 2 is more about quantity rather than quality.

knifefight2182d ago

It's a negative observation about a game that's not out yet. For whatever reason, people hate that, like 99% of the time.
Even when games go on to get universally panned, if you look back at anything negative that was pointed out before release, the audience was jumping all over it and flaming the writers. It's a pattern, sadly.

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jznrpg1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

I want to play Alan Wake but I’m not buying another digital only game this year. I still haven’t bought Baldurs Gate 3 but if do buy a digital only game that will be the one but I’m still holding out as I have tons of games to play and don’t like buying digital only. I hate this practice and don’t want to support it. I understand small indie games sometimes being digital only but those are rare too. But these bigger games can easily get someone to print them 100k or more copies and they will all sell.

gold_drake1d 11h ago

yh im holding off on Alan wake too.

the digital only is stupid as hell. there is no way that the physical media costs them so much.


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anast3h ago

This is going to be one of the best games of the generation. I am almost finished with a druid play through. The game is the real deal.


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