Retro Review - Dino Crisis: More than just Resident Evil with Dinosaurs

Patrick from Bagogames here! Sharing my review of the classic Dino Crisis, a defining game from the golden age of survival horror. Read on for some awesome Dino action.

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naruga1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Dino Crisis was just a gem out f gems , wiht very few jump scares and huge engine limitations because of the era then , proved how a game an create the perfect survival horr experience (perfect balance between nerving horror and excilarating combat) stepping only on atmosphere without the need of cheap tactics like jumpscares (outlast , Evil within) , grotesque visuals (evil within, RE6,RE7) , idiotic movie filters (RE4, RE remake) and other lame tecnnics ,

LeeU1520d ago

I honestly think that Capcom could revive this series.Dino Crisis 1 was a fresh spin on the survival horror genre and it's still one of my favorite survival horror games. We can all admit that Dino Crisis 3 was pretty horrible but the series deserves another chance in my opinion