Link-Cable Review: Star Fox 2

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "It feels absolutely surreal to be reviewing a new Super Nintendo game in 2017 never mind that the game is Star Fox 2, a game that Nintendo cancelled literally at the 11th hour back in 1996. And while we may never have gotten the chance to play the game on a proper Super Nintendo, it’s been well documented that many of elements that made Star Fox 2 unique would find their way into later games in the series, namely Star Fox 64, Command and Zero. Well now, thanks to the release of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, we can finally get our mits on the seemingly mythical Star Fox 2. Is this blast from the past a forgotten Nintendo gem or should it never have seen the light of day?"

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Littil_Devil1111d ago

I think the game is pretty good, then again, I enjoyed the original game a whole lot as a kid.