Top 10 worst microtransactions in video games

MWEB GameZone writes: "We take a look at the worst microtransactions in some of the best games around. Share your microtransaction experiences with us and tell us if you agree or disagree with our top 10 picks."

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Sillicur469d ago

The Shadow of War Microtransactions really put me off the game :(

nitus10464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Normally I don't have a problem with microtransactions when they are just additional skins or "fluff" providing they are optional and don't impact the game in any way. What I totally object to is when microtransactions are "pay to win" or worst yet "pay to finish game".

With the addition of "loot crates" microtransactions have IMHO hit a new low since they are a form of gambling which can actually target children although the developers/distributors would deny this since they could easily run afoul of the law.

So now we have microtransactions, loot-crates, pre-orders, gold, silver & VIP editions and season passes which really muddy the waters between optional cosmetic features to basically gambling.

Note. I left DLC out of the above since you can have good DLC such as what you have for games like but not exclusive to The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.

BTW. Anyone who thinks that making a game with and an Adult rating will stop children playing it is seriously deluded and developers/publishers know that children will play the game and don't care as long as it brings in money.

Ognipode469d ago

All of them are the worst

Yohshida467d ago

So what is it now, microtransactions or Season pass? Forza 7 doesn't have any microtransactions, yet its #1.
What about Overwatch? A game that lets you buy loot boxes with real money, a game that ist MP only and came out with barely ANY content at launch, yet you don't mention that one. Gotta love that epic research eh

Sono421467d ago

He explains exactly what micro transactions are in Forza 7 and why they are a problem, yet you don't do the same for Overwatch? All loot boxes in Overwatch only offer cosmetic items, nothing gameplay changing. Not to mention you can earn loot boxes just by playing the game, I have every skin I want and I barely even play the game anymore. I have never bought a single Mico transaction except in Rocket League and the is only because I got the game free and I am happy to support those devs for all of the free updates they keep giving the game.

Yohshida467d ago

Loot Boxes in Forza CANT be bought with money, you earn them ingame, how exactly are those microtransactions????

kevnb465d ago

overwatch is an example of micrsotransactions done right, everything non cosmetic they added has been free.

Sono421467d ago

Well I don't personally play Forza because I don't play racing games anymore (other than the occasional mariokart) He mentions in the video some vip membership that gives a 100% boost to currency gain, which means they will be earning double the amount of loot boxes as someone without it and says a free mod even comes along with it. I would go ahead and assume this is what he's talking about when he says microtransaction.

Hardiman467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Yeah and he says the vip pass only lasts so long but with it's price tag you'd think it would last continually. The price was $26.95 now it's $29.95.

Yohshida466d ago

VIP pass is the season pass, by the time the game released this already got fixed and the boost is forever.