No Redemption For the PlayStation Vita

On this weeks episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Hosts Joseph and Fix say farewell to Andrew House, and talk about Sony unofficially killing off the PlayStation Vita, what would make Sony try their hand at the mobile market again. The gang talks about their hopes and fears about Red Dead Redemption 2, PlayStation's entering into the credit card game, Shadow of War DLC controversy continues, and Fix gets real passionate about this months PlayStation Plus games, and Metal Gear Solid 5.

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Araragifeels 381d ago

Actually there chance for a PlayStation portable successor. The reason that Vita support was drop is due to Andrew House decision and he believes the handheld market was dying which yes, it did effect sales but 3DS was able to overcome it and sold great enough, still selling well in the present. So Andrew House was very pessimistic and didn't try to improve marketing or listen to consumer ideas. John Kodera on the other hand is a new CEO who have experience with portable system and probably will give the system a chance, and takes notes from Nintendo and 3DS/Switch success. " Mr. Kodera joined Sony Corporation in 1992, where he was first assigned to planning and control within Sony’s portable audio business. In 1998 he was transferred to Sony Electronics Inc. in the U.S., where he was initially responsible for planning and control of various portable and mobile products, before subsequently being appointed VP of product management for IT products such as PCs."

awdevoftw380d ago

Yeah, it is unofficially done, but after 5 years it's still getting great games. Love the vita.

pyroxxx380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I still buy plenty games for it,.. Wish it had a Souls type of experience (Something that I would be replaying for years) My mayor gripe is way overpriced memory cards, games,... L2/R2 and Sony not supporting it ( it is like an xbox lol)

PhoenixRising37380d ago

Isn't Salt & Sanctuary on the vita?

pyroxxx380d ago

It is,.. it is good but it is not Souls.

Elda380d ago

Traded mine in for a SNES mini & I play that more than I did the Vita.

slate91380d ago

Whoever got the vita lost that one 😂😂😂

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