We Need Our Booth Babes Back

Gaming conventions are missing some of their brightest stars, the booth babes! Should companies bring these representatives back?

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jokerisalive430d ago

Yes we do but the feminists will come crawling out of the woodworks lol!

spreadlove430d ago

Sop you want boot babes to distract people from the games?

Porn is easily available on the internet.

rainslacker429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Unless one actually goes to the conferences, I don't see how booth babes really help to get the word out about the game. The reporters who get to oogle them are about the only benefactors outside the few reports we get about when they are around, and if that's all someone wants, I'm sure the internet has plenty to offer without waiting for a convention. The reporters shouldn't be worried about the booth babes, rather actually caring about what content is shown by those at the conventions and conveying that information to the consumers. If booth babes are an influence to somehow give preferential treatment to one game or another, it calls into question the quality or sincerity of the actual report.

I'm about as far from the raving SJW as one could get, but I really don't see the reason for them except as a marketing tool to improperly influence people through subconscious appeal based on people's needs to impress pretty girls.

drizzom430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

We do need them back. They were great at TGS. Sjws/feminist zealots have made the industry become really lame since they arrived.

AnubisG430d ago

They do that with everything. Too much power is given to them.

spreadlove430d ago

The solution to your problem is to have scantily clad men and women on. It's equality, but do you want the focus to be on their butt cheeks instead of the game?

Porn is easily available on the interwebz.

RobtimusPrime430d ago

Hear! Hear! SJW culture trying to turn everything bland & sterile.

Since MOST SJW women look like roadkill & most SJW men are either cucks or bat for the other team they can't stand the sight of physical feminine beauty & those that appreciate it. They're like the psycho girlfriend who can't stand it when their man is out having some fun without them. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHO'S THERE? WHY ARE THEY LAUGHING?!??"

Fist4achin430d ago

At first glance, I thought I saw the word boobs in the title. I guess I misread that!!! Ha!

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