Sony: John Kodera promoted to President and CEO, Andrew House to be appointed Chairman

"I'm tremendously proud of what we've built with PlayStation and Sony Interactive Entertainment: entertaining millions globally with the best in games and creating a fully fledged digital entertainment company. PlayStation has been a huge part of my life for more than 20 years but with the business having achieved record-breaking success, now seemed to be the right time for me to pursue new challenges. I shall always treasure the friendships and people that have made SIE such a wonderful place to work. I'm also grateful to PlayStation fans and gamers around the world for their loyalty and support. John and the team at SIE are world-class and I know the future of PlayStation is very bright," said Mr. House.

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FallenAngel1984381d ago

Hey Andrew don't fall of the face of the earth like Ken Kuturagi, father of PlayStation, apparently has with this departure

UCForce381d ago

Andrew House is Chairman.

Abriael381d ago

Just for the rest of the fiscal year.

freshslicepizza380d ago

With John Kodera at the helm expect vast improvements to PSN and a push more towards online services and GaaS.

Trez1234380d ago

[email protected] where did you get the " push om Gaas " ? Sony has not even hinted at a push " more towards Gaas and the only Boss who spoke about a " push " towards those games is phil Spencer.

Maybe you actually like Phil's push towards Gaas and want sony to follow. Who knows....

UCForce380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

@moldybread John will keep doing the success PS4 like House did. After all, he has been working with Sony for 23 years and he had worked with House very closely. Do you want to kill off single Player game by pushing too much on GaaS ? That would be unbalanced. And you are not helping. SP and MP need to stay alive.

Apocalypse Shadow380d ago

Congratulations John.

Ucforce, Moldy would like none other than to see the demise of Sony's strategy for gaming and the rise of GaaS, the dismantling of exclusives and PC architecture under Microsoft OS.

You can see it every day from his posts when he doesn't even have a console.

freshslicepizza380d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
"Ucforce, Moldy would like none other than to see the demise of Sony's strategy for gaming and the rise of GaaS, the dismantling of exclusives and PC architecture under Microsoft OS. You can see it every day from his posts when he doesn't even have a console."

You are taking things I say far too personal, why would i want to see the demise of single player games let alone the demise of Sony? If anything your comments about Microsoft speak way louder about their demise.

Let's face facts here, GaaS is growing whether we all like it or not.

UCForce380d ago

@moldybread Here the fact, the balance between SP and MP must stay on. Otherwise it will kill off gaming culture between old and new. So stop using your " logic " for a moment and think twice about this.

Dragonscale380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

@moldy, sounds like you are quoting pachter lol.

DialgaMarine380d ago

@moldy I don't even read your comments anymore; I just throw you a disagree. You have nothing constructive to say, but instead try and fail to criticize Sony's excellent model because it doesn't benefit your Uncle Phil and MS gods.

ImGumbyDammit380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

@Trez1234 The hint is who they replaced House with. It is not hard to read the tea leaves. Just look at Kodera's resume at Sony. He is responsible with the launch and growth of PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus subscription service, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Music. Where was he not involved with SASS or other online services. And yes in the past there have been hints by various Sony higher ups of the future of SIE. It is not like they are suddenly going to make giant pushes in that direction and drop the PS5 plans but, it is inevitable and even more so as they sent the groundwork with the new head who has great experience in this area of cloud and SASS. SIE and the PS5 will adjust to be better suited for a SASS/cloud based world. Smart companies replace heads of divisions & CEOs with people knowledgeable in a direction they want to focus on. You can look as an example who Microsoft replaced Ballmer with, Nadella. Nadella is all about Azure and the cloud and SASS. And that has been their biggest moves in the last three years. Microsoft didn't leave beyond there current software or user platforms (like Xbox) but more and more focus has been placed on this area that Nadella specializes in. Similarly, Sony is looking into the future and what direction they want to take everything and Kodera is just another piece in that cog of more online services.

rainslacker380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

In regards to Sony going more towards GaaS.

I'll wait and see until Sony actually implies or actually starts showing stuff of that nature. I feel that's fair since I'm waiting it out on MS before I start giving them credit for doing anything worthwhile. When a predominate part of Sony's current offerings are primarily SP experiences, with other SP stuff rumored or expected, I don't see why we should be worried about them shifting a major focus to GaaS. I'm sure they'll have a game in that category, but it's a stretch to say they'll be focusing on it heavily when their current focus is making them quite a bit of money.

GaaS may be growing, but that doesn't mean that other markets in the gaming consumer market are shrinking. Quite the opposite really, as all parts of the market are up in general year over year.


If you want to face facts, why do you preface it with wild speculation and assumption based on a general market trend in that you analyze in the most cursory of ways? Why not also mention that the entire market is up, and GaaS has been around for a while now and has generally been frowned on, but also ebbed and flowed over the course of the past 13 years?

Facts are fun, might try actually looking at the meaning behind those facts more though.

Kryptix380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

LOL Moldy, with responses like that, it sure shows you'll bend over to any decision for the worst.

Halo, Gears of War, Forza gambling that takes advantage lootboxes? Oh my! What a treat!

Yea, nobody takes you serious bro, it's time to resign the name. Mold only gets worse over time. Maybe that's the mission, you wanna pollute the comment sections.

On topic: Andrew House is a good dude. Seeing him with Kojima doing the partnership announcement showed that he's aware of great talent. Curious to see how these changes effect the future.

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mercyblades380d ago

I’m curious as to why Yoshida didn’t get the CEO position. Doesn’t he outrank most of the top management, and isn’t he one of the longest serving (besides House and Kaz)?

luis_spartano380d ago

I think Yoshida only does an "ok-to-good" job as President of Sony Worldwide Studios. He's been doing some wrong things lately (like closing top studios like Evolution), so running SIE could be questionable by other executives.

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PhoenixUp381d ago

Andrew House was nice but he's no Kevin Butler, the best damn Vice President SIE ever had or ever will have 😅

WeAreLegion380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Miss ya, KB!

He is officially the VP of our hearts.

rainslacker380d ago

LOL. He was vice president of more divisions than any other executive at Sony.

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