The New SCUF Forza Xbox One Elite Controller Features Actual Leather

If you thought the Microsoft was over with the customization of their consoles, it seems like Turn10 has decided to chime in into the Xbox community's joy.

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81BX382d ago

Yeah but that price? Ouch

VforVideogames382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

the controller alone its 149.99 (2000 made) but if you want the whole enchilada its 369.95 (only 500 made bundles) that's a lot of dlls but its one of the best looking controllers ever made. Now if it had a hint of xbox green to match my project scorpio.........

81BX382d ago

No doubt it looks sick. I missed the bundle is seperate. Thanks for the intel.

KionicWarlord222382d ago

The controller is $396.95

Nobody got time for that.

Bigpappy382d ago

I would love to have this controller, it is beautify. But the price is out of my domain.

leeeroythe3rd382d ago

Ouch perhaps at 75% off clearance sale. Very nice though

Liqu1d382d ago

At that price you'd be better off buying a steering wheel. In fact, you could get a T150 and a normal Xbox One Elite controller and still have enough for a game.

maybelovehate382d ago

I want that so bad... But not 400 dollars bad haha

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The story is too old to be commented.