NiOh: Complete Edition for PC-- Minimum and Recommended System Requirements Announced

You can now make sure that your PC can run NiOh: Complete edition well enough with the system requirements, just announced via Steam.

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thekhurg2072d ago

Wow, I was really not expecting that.

DarXyde2072d ago

I was.

I actually thought it was for PC at launch before realizing it's not!

hulk_bash19872072d ago

Great for PC players. This game is amazing and deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible. Definitely on my top 5 games of this year.

Movefasta19932072d ago

I'll definitely support it on steam,I'm sure there already planning for a sequel based off of the PS4 sales,but with the extra they make from steam will solidify it

freshslicepizza2072d ago

The PC is getting more and more support from Japanese developers, which is nice.

xPhearR3dx2072d ago

Yup. I bought this on PS4 along with the Season Pass and loved it. My only issue (mostly because I'm a PC gamer) was the amount of jaggies when playing on performance mode. I grown use to it, but man, I can't wait to repurchase this game and play it on PC. Devs more than deserve the double dip. If the DLC wasn't included already, I'd gladly buy the Season Pass and game all over.

starchild2072d ago


I agree. It's going to be nice to be able to play Nioh with high framerates, high resolutions and with great image quality instead of having to choose between them. The action mode on the PS4 Pro only ran at between 720p to 1080p resolutions, depending on the area.

xPhearR3dx2072d ago


I actually considered getting a PS4 Pro just to play Nioh with better resolution and frame rate, but I could never pull the trigger on the sale. Considering it was a PS4 exclusive, it coming to PC never once crossed my mind aside from wishful thinking. The only announcement that could top this is them openly supporting mods and giving the community the tools to do so. That might be a bit too much wishful thinking, but hey, you never know haha

Andreas-Sword2071d ago

Yes, I think also, Nioh is the best Action RPG 2017.

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Gwiz2072d ago

Not bad,even Windows 7 support.

_-EDMIX-_2072d ago


I still have a lot of my games that I run on my Windows 7 hard drive.

Most of my games I would say have gotten a boost by Windows 10 I just don't feel like reinstalling a whole series of games.

zuul90182072d ago

I prefer windows 7 still, tried 10 back when it came out but didnt like it. I should probably give it a chance again though(im sure its improved), cause some games are being douchey requiring 10.

nitus102071d ago

Like it or not you will eventually have to upgrade to Windows 10 since it runs DirectX 12 which is not supported on Windows 7 and 8.1. Of course, this depends on developers writing their games for DX12 only. Some games like "Cuphead" have been written for DX9 which is supported by Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

Windows 10 is only 29.09% of the market compared to Windows 7 at 47.21% while Windows 8.1 is 5.89% https://www.netmarketshare.... so I don't think Microsoft is going to try and force developers for Windows platforms to only use DX12 for a few years.

badz1492072d ago


for the mean time, it will likely be only MS will push for Win10 exclusivity but other games will still be supporting previous Windows versions.

plus, Windows game mode is pretty crappy right now. why even bother adding it if it makes your games run worst than without it?

Gwiz2072d ago

That!! and probably many people still use Windows 7 to game. (looking at the minimum specs the chances of them still using Windows 7 is high)