Backwards Compatibility continues to bring fresh faces to Xbox One – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "Backwards compatibility has been a huge hit on Xbox One, bringing over many games from the Xbox 360 catalogue and making them playable once more, with many arriving in an improved state too. Unfortunately, not every title has been quite so warmly received, with many additions proving to be nothing more than the Xbox 360 version of games that are already available natively on Xbox One. This is certainly something that has had me frowning in recent weeks, and even though more games are always a good sign, playing through them takes time.

So, here are our thoughts on whether the most recent Back-comp titles to arrive on Xbox One are worth revisiting once more, or better off left on the shelf."

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spreadlove471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

The reason games that are already available on Xbox One still gets BC for the Xbox 360 version is because people still own those games and don't have to rebuy them. It is basically MS charity to you!

You just need to recognize that, cherish it, and enjoy it. It is not a negative, but a major positive.

Genuine-User471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Ugh. It isn't charity, they are not handing out free games.

As for the question posed by this opinion piece? I would have to give it a resounding yes.

I'm still waiting for Splinter Cell Blacklist, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Enslaved, and Binary Domain.

lxeasy470d ago

I'm playing Bayonetta everyday on my Xbox, BC is a major positive. The more options the better everyone has a game they like that maybe someone else doesn't and vice versa. Therefore the more options the better. Keep them coming Microsoft

Godmars290471d ago

When starved for originality...

freshslicepizza471d ago

Then maybe you should be promoting Cuphead and Sea of Thieves.

Godmars290471d ago (Edited 471d ago )


Naw. Like insisting that one racing game is overwhelmingly better than another racing game, that people should buy a game platform based on that nevermind only having mild interest in racing games in general, that's your job.

Me? Would rather just have a decent modern Spyhunter and a PSO crossed with Diablo and Mass Effect/Fallout that has vehicles/mechs and exploration/ship combat.

Godmars290471d ago

Mind you, not knocking giant monster/mecha combat. Its just, who has ever put a decent - not simple Rock-em Sock-em robots but beam,missile fire, breath weapon engulfing, forests and cites leveled in the process knock-down-drag-out-APOCALYPSE - effort into that?

sk8ofmnd471d ago

Except how about giving things gamers want... Most ppl dont buy a 250-500$ console to play last gen games. While a nice feature, it could never replace new i.p.s and fresh brand new experiences that can only be found on xbox1

Chris12471d ago

It's an add on feature, not an essential or a replacement for anything else. But you already know that.......

spreadlove471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

People play old games all the time. In fact, the most played games are typically old games. Don't know what you are talking about. Overwatch is over a year old, GTA is several year old game ported from last gen. Yet they rank in the top of most played every month.

Perhaps stop repeating things you hear on the internet that aren't true?

DJStotty470d ago

exactly i still hit up command and conquer the last decade on PC. I will ALWAYS revisit old games i own as a gamer

Kiwi66471d ago

So PS doesn't have older gen games playable on PS4 are you sure about plus many people enjoy having some of the old games out there to play as proven by how popular remasters, bc etc are

Gotcha5471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

You can't shoot that down for Xbox fans... it goes both ways...You have people paying $80 to $250 (scalpers on Ebay) for the SNES Classic. Which i can already play every SNES games on that system on the XB1 thur NesBox. So new or old games are games just play them(one more thing Xbox fans can gift games now)...cause Sony got you paying for tv & older games you jelly? Maybe if Sony would create a free virtual console for PS Vita,instead of charging for remakes the Vita my rise from its grave.

meka2611470d ago

What a minute, how do you play snes games on xbox?!?!

KillBill470d ago

@meka2611 -as he said... thru NesBox.

chaos-emeralds470d ago

I love having backwards compatibility. My kids now are enjoying the old gems I used to play and love. It's a great eco system Microsoft have.

KillBill470d ago

And best part is the games I have already for x360 I can now play co-op with my son. Him playing on his x360 and me playing on the XB1.

Black0ut470d ago


"Except how about giving things gamers want..."

Uhh... The majority of xbox gamers DID want BC and MS went above and delivered it on their own watch.

Anything to find a false negative in a sea of positive though mate? You're nothing new around these parts, that's for sure.

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shuvam09471d ago

And why not???
With so many games released over the years, people miss out on a lot of gems...
I still have my PS3 hooked up to my TV...
Them good ol' games :)

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