Capcom Should Make A Sequel To Okami Instead Of A HD Re-Release

Okami - which has players controlling the goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, and literally painting life back into the world - is regarded as a modern classic. The game "represents a pure, resolutely Japanese vision, and is all the more appealing for it.". The HD re-release of Okami, PS4 version, is currently the 18th best selling game on Amazon (or 6th if you exclude the cards, consoles, and controllers) and has consistently been in the top 30 since Amazon put the pre-order up. With all the excitement about an updated re-release, however, speculation about an Okami sequel is still rampant. Although the release of Ōkamiden helped tide fans over, there just wasn't' the depth that the original had. A sequel could explore the continuance of the original, with a new twist.

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PhoenixUp1014d ago

That's not going to happen. The creative team that created Okami got shut down with most of them residing in Platinum Games.

Capcom clearly doesn't have the talent to make a Viewtiful Joe 3 or Okami 2, so of course they're going to rerelease Okami as many times as they can. I wish they'd show the same attention to Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2.

woodtock1014d ago

Perhaps they can outsource Okami 2 to another developer like DMC? LOL!

XisThatKid1013d ago

On this sounds cool, where's Power Stone collection on network? AT LEAST that.

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darthv721012d ago

A Viewtiful Joe Compilation would be sweet. VJ1, 2 and Red hot Rumble all on Switch would be an instant seller.

DivineAssault 1014d ago

Onimusha is MIA too.. I love capcom but theyre screwing up so bad right now

AnubisG1013d ago

I keep wishing for an Onimusha collection or remake myself. Hope will never die!!!

Eidolon1013d ago

Dude, Onimusha was the shit, so nostalgic. I'd pay $60 for the collection easily, if it has trophies, otherwise, you know, emulation.

Fist4achin1012d ago

Capcom is definitely one of those companies that has a lot of history to pull from. I don't know why they don't. Great memories there!

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Summons751013d ago

They could hire Platinum to make Okami 2 just like they should hire them for DMC5.

kevnb1013d ago

I can’t imagine that.

WeAreLegion1013d ago

No. Itsuno and his team will make DMC5. They made DMC2 (fixed what they could last minute because the original team screwed up), 3, and 4.

They are more than capable of making a great DMC5.

Godmars2901013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

They're pretty much where Konami is, lack the talent to make new IPs or honestly revisit old ones, only they don't treat their employees badly.

There aren't reports of such anyway.

WeAreLegion1013d ago

That's not true. Itsuno's team is talented enough to make it. They're just busy.

_-EDMIX-_1013d ago

Phoenix you are might as well write this article because it seems to me that the people who write these articles are so uneducated about the subject they're not even sure who makes their games.

So do they just assume that every time we get a port or remaster there's a team that's literally making the entire game a second time from the ground up everything from scratch game play and all?

Dear God 😂😂😂 28514;.

This might be one of the most popular misconceptions inside of Gaming.

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DivineAssault 1014d ago (Edited 1014d ago )

I think both would work.. They couldnt even put Amatartsu in MvC Infinate let alone a sequel though.. I honestly believe theyre being ran by idiots right now.. So many amazing IPs that are just sitting there in limbo while they release 1/2 completed lazy titles..

woodtock1013d ago

I think Capcom will eventually go out of business with their barebones games and constant dlc additions.

_-EDMIX-_1013d ago

I don't see that happening I would argue Capcom was in a worse place in 2014 when they were pumping out irrelevant Resident Evil games and open to being bought out.

Capcom right now is much more conservative with their releases and it's actually helping the company no longer be in this dangerous position I don't really know if many people in this site have even read up on how this company was performing anyway.

I don't even know what you mean by your DLC comment because if people are actually purchasing it actually means they're making money.....

From what I see with Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter world I would say Capcom is on their way to being much more conservative and for the better.

zielocz3k1013d ago

i wish they could at least include Okamiden remaster with ps4 version of Okami

Petebloodyonion1013d ago

Not gonna happen for a simple reason
Why invest millions of $ for a game that will not recoup the cost when you can invest next to nothing to remake a game that PPL wants to rebuy making sure a profit along the way?

Servbot411013d ago

It's not working anymore, at least in Europe. MvC:I sold extremely poorly in its first week.

SarcasticDuck1013d ago

meh, I sometimes appreciate the value of a single story with no sequels, spinoffs or anything else.

Eidolon1013d ago

But sometimes you don't?

SarcasticDuck1012d ago

Sometimes there's plot holes that need fixing or more lore that needs to be explored

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